‘Infinite’ Finished And Releasing Soon


You may remember our thorough coverage on Infinite earlier this year, well Nexus Game Studio is proud to announce that Infinite is finally done and will be releasing later this month on iOS!

The stylized arcade game in which you create your own solar systems by harnessing power of spatial matter has been run through various testing stages and is now in the hands of Apple. While a release date isn’t set in stone yet, it should be releasing this October!

iOS users will be happy to find out that Infinite is a universal app, meaning it can be purchased and run on both the smaller iDevices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as the larger iPad with Retina support included.

When Infinite releases you can even expect Game Center achievements and leader boards, unlockable games modes and theme packs, randomly generated waves, and even free add-on content down the line. Be sure to stay tuned to IGM for the latest news on Infinite, as well as following developer Nexus Game Studio on Twitter and Facebook.