IndieCade Reveals 2015 Official Game Selections

IndieCade, an international games festival, is happening later this month. The organization unveiled a list of over 70 Official Game Selections picked by the curation committee. This year’s titles are divided into several categories: Big Games (which involve props and physical action), Digital Games, eSports titles, Night Games (which work with outside in the dark), Tabletop, and Virtual Reality.

“The Official Selections are an essential part of the IndieCade Festival — they let us push boundaries and demonstrate some experimental, adventurous, and surprising games,” Stephanie Barish, chief executive officer of IndieCade, said.


Among the nominees figure:


“Whatever their category, these games help redefine what it means to play, show what’s possible to create as a game-maker, and explore the outer reaches of creativity in 2015,” Barish said.

IndieCade officially opens October 23-25 in Culver City, a part of Los Angeles, California. The event presents opportunities to network, participate in social activities and tournaments, and view the selected games.

Head over to the IndieCade website for a detailed overview of the festival and buy tickets here. View this page for a full list of the IndieCade 2015 selections.

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