IndieCade Releases First List of Speakers – 2014 Registration is Open


IndieCade, the international festival for indie games, has released their initial list of speakers for their 2014 panels. These panels focus on indie games and how they affect the world, as well as including networking opportunities for both developers and fans. Seminars reveal new software and games to the public, and teach some devs how to improve upon their products from an economic perspective. Featured keynote speakers so far include David O’Reilly (Mountain) and Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time). Other speakers and topics include the following:

  • Jon Peterson, author of Playing with the World, and Sam Roberts, IndieCade Festival Director, discuss the 40th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons and its impact on indie games.
  • A panel conversation on sustainable business models for indie developers featuring Kellee Santiago (Ouya, Indie Fund), Greg Rice (Double Fine), and Robin Hunicke (Funomena).
  • An exploration of emerging narrative strategies in games including Tracy Fullerton (Walden), and Peter Brinson and Kurosh ValaNejad (The Cat and the Coup).
  • A panel about race and racism in games moderated by Shawn Allen (Treachery in Beatdown City)
  • A talk on the fifth anniversary of Toronto’s Hand Eye Society.
  • A session full of short talks on the secret history of indie games.
  • “Why __ Matters”, a series of short talks by developers and critics on important topics indie games are missing out on. Speakers include Ian Bogost, Beth LaPensee and Diana Santiago.
  • A community conversation moderated by Raph Koster and Greg Costikyan on the economic structures of the game industry.

In addition to the announcement of these initial speakers, IndieCade has opened registration, which can be done here. Prices vary from $445.00 for a 3-day, “early bird” All-Access pass, to  $30/$40 per day for a Festival Day wristband.

Read more about IndieCade on their website, follow them on Twitter for news and more information, and like them on Facebook for new announcements.

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