Indie Videos – Rocket Races, Dog Races, And A Man With A Mission


Neat Corporation has launched a funding campaign for their precision racer, Flowstorm. The game has player piloting a ship through various levels of twists and turns, attempting to reach the end of the level as fast as possible. The game will support multiplayer, will include a level editor, and features a combat mode that has players shooting at targets or at other players depending on if single-player or multiplayer is the chosen mode. The pair of developers working on Flowstorm have collectively worked on Unmechanical, Starvoid, A Game of Dwarves, and Team Fortress 2.

“Although it has evolved from the old school Thrust-clone genre,” explains Neat Corporation on the Kickstarter campaign page, ” it has a lot of similarities with more recent games with its high difficulty level, short respawn times, and very rewarding gameplay. Flowstorm aims to continue developing the genre, and will be fully equipped with multiplayer (both network and local), a solid level editor, plenty of community features and much more!”

Visit the Kickstarter campaign page, and the official website for Flowstorm.

Dog Sled Saga is an upcoming game from developers Dan FitzGerald and Lisa Bromiel. We have previously covered Dog Sled Saga, and just recently, the developers released a new gameplay video, showing off more of the game in action. The game is planned to release for Windows, Mac, and Android and iOS devices sometime this Fall. Dan mentioned to me that a Kickstarter for Dog Sled Saga will be up in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out around here for that announcement.

Visit the official website for more media assets and information.


Following a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, development for adventure game, Moebius is in full swing. The nearly half-million dollar Kickstarter campaign was both for Moebius and the creation of the game’s development studio, Pinkerton Road. Composed of industry veteran Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight)  and composer Robert Holmes, the team just recently released a first-look at Moebius and the game’s storyline.

Visit Moebiusofficial website.

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