Indie Royale: The Halloween Bundle Returns For 2013


The big day is finally upon us and with it comes a flurry of great gaming deals from the Indie Royale group. The Halloween 2 Bundle contains some great spooky games for the Halloween season and what better way to avoid trick or treaters than to hole yourself up in your room and just play video games.

The bundle includes eight great titles which are:

  • Organ Trail: Director’s Cut – Is a great zombie inspired take on the classic Oregon trail. In Organ Trail you must navigate your cart through this zombie wasteland in the hopes of surviving this zombie apocalypse and reaching your destination.
  • Dark Fall: Lost Souls – Set in a quaint British village you find yourself wrap up in a dark and sinister mystery that has been haunting this village for year in which people simple disappear into thin air.
  • Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart – An interesting new take on the pirate genre as you pursue an undead pirate who kidnapped your daughter. Full of supernatural overtones this adventure game promises a rich and interesting story throughout.
  • Rise Of The Ravager – An arcade action game that draws heavily from Guitar Hero and Missile Command in which you must battle you way through the levels to prevent the destruction of everything living.
  • eXceed 2nd – Vampire REX – Play as a half human, half vampire in this bullet hell action game using your ability to shift forms to make your way through these grueling levels.
  • Alien Zombie Megadeath – Play the intense platform shoot-em-up as lost in space you stumbled across extraterrestrial life forms, although these are no normal aliens these are zombie aliens and you must fight your way through the hordes to survive.
  • Dead Hungry Diner – Takes a novel approach to diner management sims as you must operate the diner to appease the picky locals who just happen to be monsters.
  • Overcast – Walden And The Werewolf – Step into the boots of Walden, a hunter who has taken up life living the solitary life of living in the woods. After a monster destroys a local village Walden seeks revenge as he vows to hunt the beast down.

The Bundle will run for six more days and as people pay more the price will slowly rise so the quicker you get in the more you can save.

You can read more on The Halloween 2 Bundle on the Indie Royale Site.

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