Indie Links Round-Up: Yellow Devil


Prepare for adventure in today’s Indie Links, with indie adventure games Kentucky Route Zero and Waker, plus the top 10 indie adventure games of 2012.

“Toronto’s Long Winter” – A Hot Indie Game Event – Coverage From Evening 3 Of 4 (Indie Game Reviewer)
“On January 11th, 2013, punk band Fucked Up presented the third installment of their Long Winter series, and Toronto’s Great Hall played host to a patchwork throng of enthusiastic party-goers. The event once again brought together performers, artists, and those who crave Toronto’s eclectic arts scene. The musical guests represented a vast span of styles, ranging from the soothing and ambient Ricercar, to the mosh-inducing hardcore punk band S.H.I.T. Local painters contributed their works which adorned the walls around the second stage area.”

TIGSource Devlog: Dom2D’s Visual Showcase Of Awesome New Games, Issue #12 (Venus Patrol)
“Now that we’re back, you should catch up on the incredibles games in development – new screenshots have been added to Two Brothers, Saturated Dreamers, Jack the Reaper, SpaceHero Command and lots of other cool new games. I’d also recommend you visit Tower of Gorillion‘s forum thread for more screens and info about this new action platformer.”

10 Indie Games Scene Shakers in 2012 (IndieGames)
“The “scene” that envelops indie games has grown exponentially, as players are finding more freeware, browser, and commercial games than ever before. Accompanying the marketing, releasing, and making of such games naturally were bold steps and missteps… This feature takes a look at some of the most meaningful events in 2012 and reflects on their impact on indie games and developers, including bundles, Steam and IGF changes, Pirate Kart, and piracy.”

Guns And Voxels: Paranautical Activity (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“I’ve been keeping an eye on Code Avarice’s Paranautical Activity. The right one. It has become rather skewed after a month of watching my second monitor, always staring off to the side, never blinking, never doing whatever it is eyes do when they’re not staring or blinking. Not crying. Definitely not crying. Thankfully, there’s now something to show you of this fast-paced FPS roguelike. There are bullets and voxels. In the meantime, I’m about to blink. Wish me luck.”

How Nintendo Is Making Wii U Indie-Friendly (GamesIndustry)
“Sometimes, Nintendo nails it on the first try. The Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, and Wii were stunningly successful initial forays into consoles, portable consoles, and motion controls for the company. Other times, Nintendo winds up with something like WiiWare, the downloadable storefront that was more Virtual Boy than Game Boy.”

Indie Royale Co-Ownership Shifts To Tenshi Ventures (IndieGames)
“ and Gamasutra parent the UBM Tech Game Network has transferred its 50% share in the Indie Royale game bundle to UK games investment firm Tenshi Ventures. Desura remain the co-owners of the other 50%.”

Here’s Why You Should Play Kentucky Route Zero (Kotaku)
“Some games haunt you. Whether it’s the industrial slums of Midgar or the overcast island ofMyst, there are those precious few worlds we look forward to inhabiting; realities that stick with us vividly while others fade from memory.  Kentucky Route Zero, Act I, is just such a game.”

Top 10 Indie Adventure Games of 2012 (IndieGames)
“Adventure games were never really dead; everybody knows that. Besides, the indie scene, even before the term indie was such a widely used word, was one of the main pillars of the genre and a wild incubator of new ideas, tools, sub-genres and practices. In our post Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter, Wadjet Eye Games and Telltale days then, during a most obvious genre renaissance, it’s only natural that the indie adventure is blooming in all its forms and shapes.”