Indie Links Round-Up: Time Trials


Today’s Indie Links include some emotional tales, along with an indie dev defending Microsoft.

That cancer game (Eurogamer)
“Joel Green is hysterical and there’s nothing I can do about it. I try bouncing him on my knee, but whenever I stop the giggles make way for fresh anguish. I try offering him a carton of apple juice, but what little fluid he manages to swallow soon comes back up, chased by curdling screams. Many video games are power fantasies. This video game is something else. It’s a puzzle without a solution. It’s a game about pain, loss, fear and, ultimately, surrender. In many ways it’s a disempowerment fantasy. Except, Joel Green’s story is no fantasy.”

Indie, but not alone: How Vlambeer’s advice helped guide Dog Sled Saga (Joystiq)
“The idea hit Dan FitzGerald in the shower last December: What about a dog sledding game? The Chicago native had been toying around with various prototypes based around a lobbing mechanic, but nothing stuck quite like this. Ideas started pouring in, and he enlisted his girlfriend of three years, Lisa Bromiel, to work on the art and help shape the exciting nugget of an idea into a fully realized video game – a concept that evolved into Dog Sled Saga.”

Don’t Starve review: Leave the light on (Joystiq)
“Boy Scouts should be required to play Don’t Starve before going on any camping trips – they could even get a badge for it, in the form of a gaping, pointy-toothed wormhole. Or maybe a friendly campfire.”

Indie dev sticks up for Microsoft (Games Industry)
“Dishwasher: Dead Samurai creator James Silva says media narrative about Xbox One being bad for indies is hurting the devs more than Microsoft”

(Not) Rocket Science In Kerbal Space Program (RPS)
“There is nothing wrong in not being very good at Kerbal Space Program. Being bad at it is a state almost everyone will be in for a very long time indeed. Join me in admitting how tough it is. The elite rocketmen will sneeringly deride your honesty, saying: “It’s not rocket science”, but then you can point to the tube of metal and fuel that you’ve spent hours preparing, and then point to the sky, and it’ll dawn on them that it definitely is rocket science, and that everyone is in fact laughing at them. Anyway, I’ve spent the day playing KSP and I’m not very good at it.”

Live Free, Play Hard: Twisted Rat Tyrant (RPS)
“THIS WEEK: Rat tyrant dystopia. Curated bone and shadow dimension. ALPACA”

Magnetic By Nature and Sherbet Thieves (Second Chance with the Chick) (Indie Gamer Chick)
“Last month, I checked out student project Magnetic By Nature and enjoyed it well enough, even though the game had severe frame-rate issues. I just played through it once again, and the skipping is almost completely eliminated. Without it, you get to appreciate this smooth, very well conceived physics-platformer. Sure, I do wish it had more emphasis on physics-based puzzles. And sure, the controls still never become fully intuitive, but that’s the nature of the magnetic-based physics. They’re magnetic-by-nature if you will. Yuk yuk.”

Indie Pleas: Indie game crowd funding roundup for May 24, 2013 (IndiePub)
“Seems like older games (and sequels of older games) have been making a comeback on Kickstarter the past few weeks.”