Indie Links Round-Up: Rumble In The Jungle


Today’s Indie Links include the Games for Change festival and Horizon – an alternative E3 press conference.

Aliceffekt Interview: Hiversaires’ World Without Words (
“Labyrinthine point-and-click adventure game Hiversaires debuted last week for iOS and Android mobile devices. French Canadian designer Devine Lu Linvega, who performs electronic music in the Tokyo area as Aliceffekt, documented its creation in a series of devlogs posted to his website XXIIVV.”

Games for Change Awards’ innovation, impact and gameplay finalists announced (Polygon)
“Organizers of the Games for Change festival, an event dedicated to celebrating the “positive social impact of games,” announced today the finalists in categories that focus on impact, innovation and gameplay.”

White Noise Online (Indie Gamer Chick)
“Whoa, Déjà vu. I’m pretty sure I played something like White Noise Online two days ago, only much more inferior. White Noise Online itself is a direct clone of a popular iPhone game called “Slender” just like The Monastery was. I haven’t played Slender myself, nor do I plan on it. I use my phone for casual, pick-up-and-play fare, not survival horror. ”

Portabliss: Mosaique (Joystiq)
“Puzzle games tend to fall into one of two categories. There are the fast and frenetic ones, where you watch pieces smash into one another, pushing your mental and physical reflexes as far as they can go before a wire is crossed and it all comes crashing down, hopefully after you’ve set a new high score. Then there are the Zen puzzlers. These are slow, asking you to plan the best moves for the highest score. You examine the board, analyzing its patterns and discerning how best to eliminate all those pesky blocks or orbs or gems or what-have-you. Mosaique falls into the latter category, presenting a deceptively simple game of destroying colored blocks. At no point will it bring you either the stress or exultation of a Tetris or a Puzzle Fighter, but sometimes that’s okay. Sometimes you want to sit back, relax, and watch as everything falls into place. ”

The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Guacamelee (Joystiq)

The Kingsport Cases – Preview Part 1 (Independent Gaming)
“Indie team Machines in Motion, developers of the lovely game Borealis, have unveiled a new and much more ambitious project. The Kingsport Cases is a 3D, first-person horror game like no other. It promises exceptional replay value and fresh scares every time you play. How will it achieve this? Two words: procedural generation. Not only are the maps procedurally generated; but so are the people you meet and the mysteries you solve.”

Venus Patrol & MOCAtv Present Horizon, An Alternative E3 Press conference (Venus Patrol)
“Wondering what’s been keeping Venus Patrol relatively radio-silent the past couple months? Here’s one big reason: Thursday, June 13th, concurrent with this year’s E3 expo, the site will be partnering with MOCAtv, the video channel of Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art, to present HORIZON, a press conference that will highlight a lineup of beautiful games as an alternative to what we’ve come to expect from standard E3 fare.”

Anomaly 2 Review: A Tower Worth Assaulting (Indie Game Insider)
“Tower offense games are an unusual breed. For every handful of RTS or classic defense titles released, there is that one strategy game that takes the genre in a whole new direction. Anomaly 2 is the sequel to 11 bit studios’ successful Anomaly: Warzone Earth game from two years ago, and you’ll be happy to know it’s just as fun as before to lead a convoy of vehicles against a horde of invading aliens as it was in the original title.”