Indie Links Round-Up: Pyramid


Today’s Indie Links are chock full of interviews, as we hear from such indie developers as Fabian Florez of Gentleman Squid, “Gamerdude”, Mechanist Games, and Porpentine; as well as Adam Robezzoli, co-director of LA Game Space.

Super Joystiq Podcast Special: A Chat With Adam Robezzoli On LA Game Space (Joystiq)
“It is no secret that we are pretty big fans of indie games here at Joystiq, but we aren’t the only ones. In this Super Joystiq Podcast Special, Jess talks with Adam Robezzoli about LA Game Space, a project to build a space in Downtown Los Angeles for creators to learn, collaborate, and realize their ideas. The project is currently on Kickstarter, and has raised $50k toward the final $250k goal with 16 days left in the funding period.”

Hands On: Ace Of Spades (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“There are spades for digging, blocks for building and a drill for tunnelling or demolition work. Ace of Spades a bit like Minecraft, you might think. Well, there are also rifles for shooting, grenades for exploding and sniper rifles for long range headpopping. It’s a team deathmatch game on large, destructible maps! But when I played it last week, Ace of Spades put me in mind of something else entirely.”

From Book To Beta: How City Of Steam Evolved Into A Browser-Based Online RPG (Polygon)
“With the launch of its first closed beta on Nov. 16, Mechanist Games has thrown its baby into the wild. For one month, spread over the course of four “seasons,” beta players will have the chance to run amok in City of Steam, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. How the game feels. Where its weak spots are. And, finally, if Mechanist has accomplished the high-standard title it set out to make.”

Here Are Some Fuck This Jam Games I Like (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
Fuck This Jam was a pretty brilliant idea. Conceived by Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail and Panoramical creator Fernando Ramallo, it challenged developers to design games in their most-despised genres. “Through utter ignorance for conventions and hate for the established rules of a genre,” said the jam’s mission statement, “beautiful things will happen.” And they did! I mean, Dear Esteban had a sky whale. But I took a casual, decidedly less narrated stroll through FTJ’s submission section today and came across a few more standouts. Admittedly, there are plenty of other amazing entries that I fully plan on giving more attention to, but for now, here are a few that made me laugh, cry, and stab in the most fascinating of fashions.”

Freeware Game Pick: Paradis Perdus (Sergey Mohov) (IndieGames)
“A stunning 3D landscape. Nay, a vibrant world that comes close to what most of us would consider serene, elegant, beautiful and even good. A lovely and colourful place ripe for exploration. A small yet unique gaming world you would probably get to enjoy much more if you weren’t aware of the fact that your in-game presence is corrupting and, eventually, destroying it. The world of Paradis Perdus (Lost Paradises) by Sergey Mohov, Fabian Bodet and Matthieu Bonneau; the setting of a game about not belonging that lets you decide whether you’ll enjoy and infect it or try to escape and inflict minimal damage.”

Three Dead Zed Review & Developer Interview (Indie Gamer Chick)
“Well, this has never been done before.  A review of a game done while simultaneously interviewing the developer.  I almost didn’t review Three Dead Zed, which sponsors my review index… I didn’t want to be accused of a conflict of interest.  If the game sucked, that’s fine.  Nobody would accuse me of slamming a game because it sponsored my site.  But, what if the game was good?  What if it was the best XBLIG I’ve ever played?  People would question whether it was legitimate or not.”

Interview With Porpentine, Author Of Howling Dogs (Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling)
“Throughout the competition season, I’ve been talking with Porpentine, the author ofhowling dogs — about Twine, about participating in the IF Comp, and about the meaning of various passages. After a little while it seemed like a good idea to ask for a straight-up interview, which Porpentine was kind enough to agree to.”

‘Gamerdude’ Interview – Ascension Looks To Revitalize The RPG-Platformer Genre (Independent Gaming)
“I recently stumbled upon a neat-looking, little known platformer-RPG hybrid called Ascension, and I wanted to see what the dev had to say.”