Indie Links Round-Up: Personal Exchange


Indie Links on this fine day brings closeups on popular indie studios Klei, Mode 7 and more.

The Birth and Re-Birth of Klei (Polygon)
“In the video game industry, is stability just another fantasy? Klei Entertainment, an independent game studio in downtown Vancouver, is audaciously in pursuit of normalcy. Co-founder Jamie Cheng believes fair pay, minimal overtime and creative freedom are sustainable — even profitable — strategies. With the company’s latest game, a survival simulator (fittingly) called Don’t Starve, he’s proved it.”

How Frozen Endzone goes from Synapse to sports (Shacknews)
“Mode 7 Games has received high praise for their most recent title, Frozen Synapse, including an Audience Award win at 2012’s Independent Games Festival. The indie developer is not resting on its laurels, however. They recently released an iPad version of their turn-based strategy game and are now turning their eye towards the next title–a turn-based sports game. Moving towards the gridiron, Mode 7 has started development on Frozen Endzone. To learn more about this new title, I talked to Mode 7’s co-founder, Paul Taylor.”

Review: Reus (Indie Game Reviewer)
“Reus is a new ‘god’ game with a divergent, yet wonderfully pleasing look and feel to it. While on the surface, your actions will decide the fate of the human race, at its core, the experience conjures up some elements that puzzle and match-type game enthusiasts may well find appealing.”

The Starship Damrey Review: A Frightful, Generic Mess (Indie Game Insider)
“The Starship Damrey is a unique title from Level-5, the talented development studio behind the Professor Layton Series and critically acclaimed RPG Ni No Kuni. This horror/mystery thriller is set 50 years in the future and takes place on a spacecraft called The Starship Damrey. Although the story revolves around a character who awakens with amnesia from a stasis of cryogenic sleep and doesn’t remember who he is, the main navigation throughout the ship is done through the onboard robots known as ARs. There are eight robots to control, with the main one being AR-7. As I navigated this mysteriously haunting ship, I unfortunately ran into a number of issues that dampened the experience.”

New Xbox Live Indie Games for week ending May 24, 2013 (IndiePub)
“Best bets this week include: Guns N Noses, a cartoony western third person shooter; Avatar Miner Paintball, an avatar-based paintball game with 13+ maps; Reality Bytes, a retro classic adventure; and Murderous Market, a multiplayer assassin game where you must eliminate your target.”

Slime Laboratory 2 (Pixel Prospector)
“Slime Laboratory 2 is a physics based platformer where you play a gelatinous green blob that bounces through various levels while collecting discs and attacking enemies with its tongue.”

The Novelist Interview: how to avoid a game “telling me someone else’s story” (
“Kent Hudson says games spend too much time talking at him instead of involving him in the story. He aims to address this issue along with other design pitfalls in his upcoming game, The Novelist, which combines stealth gameplay with interactive narrative.”

H.i.v.e. (Indie Gamer Chick)
“H.i.v.e. is a digital version of a moderately popular, award-winning tabletop game. It’s also one of those rare Xbox Live Indie Games that is officially licensed. You can think of H.i… you know what, fuck it, I’m not using the periods.”