Indie Links Round-Up: Off the Grid


Renegade Kid, The Adams brothers and other notable developers featured in today’s Indie Links.

Renegade Kid getting Moon rights back next year, planning sequel (Eurogamer)
“Mutant Mudds and Dementium developer Renegade Kid has regained the rights to its 2009 DS first-person sci-fi shooter Moon. Previously, the IP was owned by the original game’s publisher Mastiff. Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham made the announcement on Twiiter. “Save your energy. Renegade Kid gains Moon rights back in 2014,” he wrote. This is not simply a precaution in case it decides to do a sequel, but one is already planned. “It has always been our plan to create a sequel to Moon. Never could convince the pub to go for it. Come 2014 we’re in control,” Watsham added.”

Nikola Tesla Battles The Undead In This Beautiful Platformer-To-Be (Kotaku)
“The evil Thomas Edison sabotaged Tesla’s latest invention, causing undead to rise all over 1800’s America. How can Tesla fix this?”

How A Game Made People Think Half-Life 3 Would Be Released This Year (Kotaku)
“Bossa Studios never intended for Surgeon Simulator 2013 to become a part of a Half-Life 3 conspiracy theory—the ARG puzzle found underneath a medic figurine was simply another element in the game that would require the player to use some inference.”

Mount Your Friends (Indie Gamer Chick)
“Okay, so the name is as absurd and juvenile as a title can possibly get. But, we are talking about a game by Daniel Steger here. His previous hits include a game called Baby Maker Extreme (the ninth all-time selling XBLIG), This is Hard, and Blow Me Up. But the really weird part is, his games tend to be pretty decent. Blow Me Up and Lots of Guns both are Chick Approved and ranked on my Leaderboard. And now we have this, a game about building a human pyramid. In keeping with Steg’s tendency towards gratuitousness, it features Team Ninja-like jiggle physics.. for penises. This is a game tailor-made to generate scorn and ridicule from the XBLIG scene. It’s also Daniel Steger’s best game by far.”

Rocks. In. Spaaace! (Indie Gamer Chick)
“There’s not a whole lot to say about Rocks. In. Spaaace! It’s a horizontal space-shooter, just without any shooting. You steer a spaceship around flying meteors, asteroids, bigger asteroids, and comets”

Kongregate unveils first five games for its $10M indie mobile developers initiative (Polygon)
“The first mobile games to be published under Kongregate’s $10 million mobile developers initiative are Synapse Games’ Tyrant: Unleashed, RedPoint Labs and Making Fun’s BloodRealm, Lingplay’s Sheep Happens, White Milk Games’ Endless Boss Fight and Randomnine Ltd’s Cardinal Quest 2, the company announced today.”

Dwarf Fortress in 2013 (Gamasutra)
“Tarn Adams and his brother Zach have been working on procedurally-generated fantasy game Dwarf Fortress for around 11 years now, although if you include the DragSlay and Slaves to Armok development work that preceded it — and essentially molded the game’s early beginnings — it’s more like 13 years. Although you can download and play the game for free right now, version 1.0 is still a long time coming. Tarn Adams recently estimated that we can expect 1.0 in around 20 years’ time, although he admits it’ll probably take even longer than that, “because I always underestimate release times.” But the Adams brothers have a clear goal, regardless of timeframe. The duo recognize that they have gotten stuck in plenty of development ruts before, and their solution is to lay everything out in front of them, and decide on what will make the cut.”

Hexagonesque: Rotational (RPS)
“Terry Cavanagh’s Super Hexagon is very mean. It pushed me down and stole my lunch money. Then it calmly suggested that I try again, and I did and it got pretty brilliant after a while and IT WAS ALL THE GAME’S FAULT. I’m not sure why anyone would write a love letter to it, but that’s exactly what Rotational is – and a fairly interesting one at that. The basic idea – rhythmically avoid a world that moves around you and then fail and cry and never stop until you are a perfect reflex piston man-machine – is exceedingly similar, but creator Kevin Messman went and added an extra dimension. Also, he got consulting aid from notorious Super Hexagon technoguru and Edge features editor Jason Killingsworth. You’ve been warned.”