Indie Links Round-Up: Multiple Choice

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Today’s Indie Links take you across millennia of history, through a sprawling underground complex, and over a football field crossed with a dungeon.

Phil Fish, Felicia Day To Help Judge OUYA-Supporter Only Competition (IndieGames)
“FEZ creator Phil Fish and Canabalt creator Adam Saltsman will join Xbox co-creator and OUYA advisor Ed Fries, actress Felicia Day and other indies and members of the press in judging a “game jam” with OUYA developer kits and cash as prizes. The 10-day, online competition is called CREATE and is the product of publication Kill Screen and OUYA.”

The Generation Game: 7 Grand Steps Demo (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“It is said that games nominated in the IGF competition immediately become ghosts, haunting the memories of journalists and the creaky attics of Twitter, but without any true corporeal form. This year’s list is less spooky than most because many of the nominees are available right now and others are just around the corner. Enter 7 Grand Steps, the new game from Mousechief, of Dangerous High School Girls fame. The game received a nomination in the Nuovo category and, having spent a few December nights absorbed in it, I reckon it richly deserves its place. A demo is now available, so you can download that and then agree with me. It’s a game about family, legends and traversing history. Video below.”

TIGS Sports Compo: Footbrawl Quest Scores! (TIGSource)
“Happy new year! The winner of the TIGSource Sports Competition was announced last month… a huge round of applause for (drumroll, please) Footbrawl Quest, the turn-based American football game made in the style of a dungeon crawler! It’s quite fun – go check it out.”

Kickstarter Backers Pledged $83,144,565 To Games In 2012 (Kotaku)
“Ready for some math? 1,378,143 Kickstarter users pledged $83,144,565 to game projects in 2012. There were 2,796 game Kickstarters launched. Of those, 911 were successful.”

Trivia Or Die, Trivia Or Die: Movie Edition, Avatar Trivia Party 2, and What The?! (Indie Gamer Chick)
“I’m into trivia, and I would like to think I’m pretty good at trivia.  How good?  I’m banned from playing any and all trivia with friends and family.  The last attempt at doing so was playing Trivial Pursuit 5 on 1, with me being by myself, plus I was banned from getting to continue my turn if I got a question right.  I still won three games to zero, and suddenly people were more interested in playing Sorry! or Uno instead.  I was also asked politely to abstain from participating in trivia night at our country club.  They said I was single-handedly responsible for a drop off in attendance, and since trivia night was one of their most profitable events, I would be doing them a big favor by not showing up.  Then they advertised that trivia night was Cathy-free.  I’m kind of proud of that.”

Snapshot: Knytt Underground (Joystiq)
Knytt Underground is the kind of game you can easily get lost in. I mean that in both the metaphorical sense of an engrossing experience, and the literal sense of a game in which I wandered around until I found where I was supposed to be.”

Joe Danger’s Latest Stunt: How Hello Games Brought Joe Danger to iOS to Send Him Off in Style (Polygon)
“Hello Games’ founder chose Joe Danger‘s Jan. 10, 2013 iOS release date well in advance. It seemed reasonable. People would have new devices after the holidays, and the studio didn’t seem to be launching their first iOS game against any big competitors. But it was just a guess, and as they scrambled to wrap up development, they learned something surprising.”

Skulls of the Shogun—Microsoft Surface’s Best Hope for a Good Video Game—Comes Out January 30th (Kotaku)
“If you’ve got a device with a Microsoft logo on it, you’ll be able to play 17-Bit’s action/strategy title, Skulls of the Shogun. The long-brewing game—playable on Xbox 360, PC, Surface and Windows Phone, complete with asynchronous turns—will be out at the end of the month. Come for the great music and fun character designs. Stay for the lightning-fast tactics battles.”