Indie Links Round-Up: Keeping It Fresh


Retro City Rampage, Oculus Rift, Antichamber tunes and more in today’s Indie Links.

Oculus Rift and IndieCade at E3: lucid dreams, murderous trees and the power of vocals (Polygon)
“IndieCade returned to E3 this year with more than 40 developers in one space, including five innovators who’ve chosen to add a virtual element to their game. With the Oculus Rift, players can immerse themselves in virtual worlds unlike ever before. We caught up with the developers of The Recital, SoundSelf and If a Tree Screams in the Forest… to find out why they wanted to create an Oculus Rift experience and how it affects gameplay.”

Antichamber twin album available to stream, purchase now (Polygon)
“Antichamber’s double album, which includes music from award-winning composer Siddhartha Barnhoorn and Deep Sea and SoundSelf creator Robin Arnott, is available now to stream or purchase as a complete or separate package.”

Mutant Mudds Deluxe (Indie Gamer Chick)
“Warning: anyone born before 1987 will hate me for this review. That’s because Mutant Mudds Deluxe seems to bask in the rule that anything retro is good simply because it’s retro. I don’t subscribe to that theory myself. I happen to like neo-retro stuff. Look at my top ten. They’ll all cut from that same old-school cloth. But those games all have fun hooks and entertaining gameplay. Mutant Mudds looks the part. In fact, it’s one of the best looking games I’ve seen done in this style since starting this blog. I just wish the actual game matched its beautiful graphics. It doesn’t. It’s one of the dullest platformers I’ve come across.”

New Xbox Live Indie Games for week ending June 14, 2013 (IndiePub)
“Best bets this week include: Aqua Kitty, a cute retro arcade shooter; Atomic Blast, where you blast your friends molecules to atoms; Thunder Moon, a sci-fi alien shooter; Penny Arcade’s Rain-Slick 4, the final installment of the Penny Arcade series; and Toxic Trash, a fun quick-thinking puzzle game. “

Live Free, Play Hard: Flaming skulls are a valuable part of this forest’s ecosystem (RPS)
“THIS WEEK: Hypertext therapy. Street harassment. Inside every cop is a beautiful crystal.”

Kickstarter Katchup – June 16th 2013 (RPS)
“Occasionally projects appear that tickle me right in the hype-ocampus. They’re the kind of games I’d like to take out for a drink. I want to get to know them better and feel like I’ve waited my whole life to meet them. It’s awkward when two appear at the same time but thankfully I don’t have to choose a favourite. Frozen State is an open world survival horror RPG with a spooky ecosystem and shades of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. while GhostControl is a ghostbusters management game with turn-based tactical trapping. A good week.”

Video: Shipping Retro City Rampage on 17 SKUs at once (
“”Retail is the past,” Retro City Rampage developer Brian Provinciano says, explaining that even if the retail price was twice the digital price, he’d net less profit. He reflects on this and several more business and programming lessons he learned being a one-man developer and publisher, in this GDC 2013 lecture.”

Wyv and Keep: The Temple of the Lost Idol Released (Gnome’s Lair)
“I’m pretty much aware of the fact that Gnome’s Lair isn’t really covering many game releases these days, but a) that’s something that will hopefully change (already looking into new ways of covering things) and b) I really enjoyed that Wyv and Keep preview of yore.”

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