Indie Links Round-Up: Heptastyle


Welcome to today’s Indie Links, where the team behind Cards Against Humanity can be good guys and you can be a villain.

Slender, Suicide Bonuses, and Social Commentary in Ludum Dare 25 (IndieGames)
“The ‘You Are the Villain’ themed Ludum Dare 25 has just finished formally collecting games for its 48-hour competition, with over 950 entries submitted. All games are available for free to play, and some even highlight the bonus ‘goat’ theme.”

New Xbox Live Indie Games for Week Ending December 14, 2012 (indiePub)
” Best bets this week include: Bleed, an action platformer where you play the role Wryn; Heavy Recoil, an action adventure side scrolling shooter game; Concept Coaster Craft, a game where you create your own roller coaster; and White Noise: A tale of Horror, survive a supernatural being hunting you.”

Mystery Writer Interviews GameDevDan (Independent Gaming)
“I am Mr. Mystery Writer. I was given the creator of the GMC Secret Santa as my gift receiver, so I decided to contact Independent Gaming and get them to post my article about GameDevDan. They happily obliged. Here is the interview I had with him.”

Cards Against Humanity Makers Donate $70,000 to Wikipedia (Kotaku)
“‘Tis the season for giving, sure, but this is still a bit extreme. The makers of the obscene (and funny) card game Cards Against Humanity have recently shared the financial results of their pay-what-you-want holiday expansion.”

Trajectory: Squad Explain Kerbal Space Program (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“There’s something wonderful about Kerbal Space Program, the sandbox game where you try to lob a race of cute aliens into their own space age. It’s the kind of thing that only gets made by a very specific type of developer, with a very specific sort of love for what they are making. That developer is called Squad, and we had a few questions for them.”

DesuraNET’s Quest to Make a Better Indie Community (Polygon)
“Scott Reismanis is changing the way developers find and reach their fans, and he may be the future of the game industry. He’s been at the forefront of game distribution for the past decade, almost singlehandedly building Desura — a Steam for indies — and running websites where game developers big and small can share their projects with their peers, gain feedback and build an audience.”

Primordia from Wormwood Studios and Wadjet Eye Games – An Indie Game Review (Indie Game Reviewer)
“Primordia is a bleak, and yet thoroughly engaging point-and-click trek through a crumbling post-humanity dystopia.”

Chasing Aurora Review: A Glorified Tech Demo (Shacknews)
“One of the first indie releases on Wii U’s eShop is Chasing Aurora, from And Yet It Movesdeveloper Broken Rules. While Chasing Aurora shows the potential of indie games for the new platform, it proves to be far too limited an experience.”