Indie Links Round-Up: Collision Course


Not much love for Microsoft and Xbox in today’s Indie Links. Not much love at all.

Phil Fish on Fez 2 ambition and launch platforms: ‘Not Xbox’ (Polygon)
“Phil Fish won’t say a lot about Fez 2, the sequel to his widely acclaimed debut game. But he’s pretty clear about one thing: Where it won’t be showing up.”

How Games Are Made: Defense Grid 2 (Polygon)
“Hanging on the wall is a television screen. It is massive. In your home, this screen would be luxurious; ludicrous, even. Here it is merely functional.”

Talk Swordy To Me: 18 Mins Of Supergiant’s Transistor (RPS)
“Oh goodness gracious me oh my oh tickle me red and green and black and gold and all the colors of the cyberpunk noir rainbow, Bastion developer Supergiant’s Transistor is looking magnificent. Sure, at first glance it doesn’t seem to have fallen far from the narration-prone, hack-’n’-slash-heavy tree, but there’s no denying that this place feels just as uniquely alluring as Bastion’s pastel paradise. Plus, other bright spots – for instance, the entire combat system – crackle with intrigue, making this one to watch by any measure. And watch it you can, right this very moment. 18 whole minutes, in fact, just after the break.”

The Sorry Saga Of Skulls Of The Shogun & Windows 8 (RPS)
““When people call Microsoft ‘evil’, it’s kind of an undeserved compliment. To be evil, you have to have vision, you have to have communication, execution…””

New Xbox Live Indie Games for week ending June 21, 2013 (IndiePub)
“Best bets this week include: Jimmy Vs Zombies, a run-‘n-gun pixel tower defense; Rasternauts, a pixel platform boasting 30+ levels of play; Enigma Dungeons, where you must save the Princess from a dungeon; and Bridge Physics, a physics-based game where you must cross dangerous chasms using engineering. “

Indie Developer Pulls Out Of PAX, Citing Penny Arcade Controversies (Kotaku)
“The small studio behind the upcoming first-person exploration game Gone Home say they’re pulling their game from the next big PAX show because of their rising discomfort with the show’s organizers.”

Fast Times at the Too Many Games Expo (Indie Gamer Chick)
“Who needs E3? I mean, really. It’s become so overblown and ridiculous that the whole thing seems like a Mike Judge or Christopher Guest directed parody film to me anymore. This past weekend, I attended an event that’s more my speed, an anti E3 if you will, the Too Many Games Expo which was held in a quiet suburb of Philadelphia. To me, an event like this does it right: it’s big, but not so big where you’ll get overwhelmed; it has a little something for everyone and yet isn’t so vanilla that you won’t stumble across cool artifacts of gaming ephemera tucked away in some random corner of the hall.”

The Chinese Room job listings call out next-gen game for 2015 (Joystiq)
“British development studio thechineseroom, the outfit you may remember for its work on Dear Esther and the upcoming Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, is working on an open-world, first-person game for next-generation consoles.”