Indie Links Round-Up: Cave Dweller


Today’s Indie Links Round-Up features the city of Chicago, Steam Greenlight frustrations and a half hour of Monaco.

Chicago Development Scene Powered by Indies (GamePolitics)
“A DePaul University report says that the Chicago game development space once dominated by titans such as Midway Games and Electronic Arts is now being mostly powered by independently owned and operated small to medium sized game studios. These studios are focusing on mobile platforms and social games, and many feature a mix of both industry veterans and newcomers trying to make a name for themselves in the industry while remaining faithful to the area.”

Zombie Compound (Indie Gamer Chick)
“If I were to go mad and rechristen Indie Gamer Chick as “XBLIG Zombie Game Chick” with the intent of reviewing games with a zombie theme, there are enough zombie games on XBLIG that I would be able to have a daily review of a different title for over two years. It strikes me as odd that, on a platform like XBLIG, where there’s almost no limitations on how you can theme your project, so many developers choose to regurgitate the same shit day after day.”

Black Annex (Independent Gaming)
“It is an action strategy game based around operating a company (Black Annex) that uses a lot of infiltration and sabotage. Easier to get past the competition that way. Choose who will represent you as a person from a collection of agents. Gameplay is divided by sections in the “office” where you can explore your “home base”, manage the company’s resources, customize your agents and stuff like that as well as take control of them directly in missions, sort of like X-COM if that helps explain it.”

Give Me 30 Minutes. I’ll Show You Why You Should Play Monaco (Kotaku)
“Monaco is out now. It’s a co-op heist game. It’s great …so far! I’m halfway through it. You should get it now on PC (or later on Xbox Live Arcade.) Not sure? Then watch this video.”

Mutant Mudds developer expresses frustration with Steam Greenlight (VG247)
“Renegade Kid’s Jools Whatsham has expressed his disappointment in both of Steam’s submission processes, which have so far failed to secure a release slot for the very well received Mutant Mudds.”

Indie Pleas: Indie game crowd funding roundup for April 19, 2013 (IndiePub)
“This week’s Indie Pleas include: A Small Favor, a 2D side-scrolling sci-fi adventure game; Chasm, a 2D Fantasy ARPG; Wander, a non-combative, non-competitive exploratory game; and finally The Enraged, modern turn-based RPG. “

Subspace Communication: Redshirt Interview (RPS)
“Redshirt is a game about being the person who is doomed from the very moment they put their uniform on. Taking place on a space station with a crew who spend a great deal of their lives on the social network, Spacebook, it asks the player to navigate a possible quagmire of relationships and workload while trying to earn the promotions that might keep them alive. Earlier this week, I spoke to the game’s lone developer, Mitu Khandaker, and discussed dynamic personality generation, incorporating social issues into games and ranting at GDC.”

The Long And Brainy Road: An Organ Trail Diary Part Two (RPS)
“The story so far. The surviving members of RPS are fleeing through the zombie-infested East coast of America, dodging nukes and attempting to scavenge together enough materials to stay alive. They are: Grill, him what is having to do the driving because he’s only a freelancer; John who talked over the bit about the zombie apocalypse and now thinks they’re going to GDC; Alec, who believes he’s taking part in a road trip called the Book of Skulls and is going to be immortalised by monks in California; Cara, who’s catatonic at the prospect of not being able to get drunk and play DOTA2 ever again; and Jim, who only came along to make sure Dan didn’t use any semicolons and is going to be mightily pissed off when he reads this.”