Indie Links Round-Up: Catching Zs


Marshmallow men, flying battleships, and French cafés figure in the games discussed in today’s Indie Links.

Impressions: Forge (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
Forge is proof that not earning your Kickstarter funding isn’t the end of the line. The third-person multiplayer action game fell some way short of a $300,000 cash grab, but regrouping on Steam Greenlight gave it a boost and it managed to launch this week. Here’s what a few hours on the servers has taught me.”

Zomp 3: The Quest For Z’s (Indie Gamer Chick)
“Pro Tip: using “Z’s” in the title of your already tough-sale XBLIG is probably not a good idea.  Especially when the visuals for your game look like they belong in an advertisement for sleep medication.  Zomp 3 is the latest Lolo clone to hit the Xbox Live Indie Game scene.  It’s the fourth one I’ve tackled here at Indie Gamer Chick.  The previous three all rank in the top 30 on my Leaderboard as of this writing.  It’s weird, because Lolo as a franchise has been dead for twenty years.  Hell, Lolo can’t get any love from Nintendo these days, even though one of the main guys behind the series is now the fucking president of the company!  Pretty shitty that they’ve blue balled fans of the, ahem, blue ball.”

Shmalloween Review – Adventures In The Woodzas (Independent Gaming)
“I know, Halloween is long over and the holidays are coming, but I just had to write about this game. Shmalloween is a action-adventure/RPG (a bit like Zelda) made by Fireleaf using Engine 001 a little while back. You play as Shmallow, a man(?) made of magical marsh mellows who lives in the vast “Woodzas”. An evil, mysterious villain steals these marsh mellows and now Shmallow must brave the Woodzas and find the source of the evil, all while gathering marsh mellows to satisfy his ever growing quota. Sounds interesting doesn’t it…? Points for creativity.”

Indie Pleas: Indie Game Crowd Funding Roundup For December 7, 2012 (indiePub)
“This week’s Indie Pleas include: Days of Dawn, a fantasy role-playing game where you explore a world where magic just came alive; Anima: Gate of Memories, two lonely souls have to escape an ancient place before being consumed by spiraling dementia; Fate Core, a pen-and-paper role-playing game where characters are live at the core of fate; New Dawn: 2015, a survival game where you must defeat the aliens which have taken over earth; and, finally, Encounter: The Game, which is similar to World of Warcraft but with enhanced features.”

Supercell’s Secret Sauce (Gamasutra)
“Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen sees a direct correlation between Manchester and Helsinki’s separate booms. ‘It’s the same thing as why do kids start playing football?’ he tells me. ‘It’s Cristiano Ronaldo, all these sorts of heroes. And now, why do people start making games? Because we want to be the next Angry Birds.'”

Great Big War Game Port For Windows RT Made Only $83 In Its First Week (Update) (Polygon)
Great Big War Game, the Rubicon-developed 3D turn-based strategy game that was well received when it first launched on iOS and Android devices, made the developer only 52 British pounds, or roughly $83, in its first week when it was ported to Windows RT, according to the studio co-founder Paul Johnson in a recent blog post.”

TIGSource Devlog: Dom2D’s Visual Showcase Of Awesome New Games, Issue #10 (Venus Patrol)
“There are a ton of new threads in the Devlog section this week. Let’s start with HarvestCraft, a game inspired by Harvest Moon, but with Minecraft‘s creativity aspects, all done in tiny, lovely pixel art. We’re glad to see Fezcomposer Disasterpeace join the devlog threads with January, a music generation game/tool involving snowflake-licking he’s been working on for a while now. Then there’s Reich, a turn-based strategy game in which you play the axis’ side of World War II – risqué, but quite interesting!”

The Path Dev’s Bientôt l’été Dated For Next Week (Shacknews)
“Tale of Tales has proved curiously controversial for a two-person team, attracting a remarkable amount of fury because of games like The Path and The Graveyard. Are games art? Are art games pretentious? Are Tale of Tales games games? Will you stop these inane questions? We’ve all grown up a little since, haven’t we, so let’s quietly await the launch of Bientôt l’été next week.”