Indie Links Round-Up: But The View


Today’s Indie Links include articles on beautiful indies, like The Witness and Proteus.

Here’s a look at the games from this year’s Molyjam (Gamasutra)
“Molyjam Deux, the second worldwide game jam inspired by the pie-in-the-sky thought processes of Black & White and Fable designer Peter Molyneux and his parody @petermolydeux, came to a close late last night with nearly 200 games from more than 30 participating jam locations.”

Staying Humble: Proteus’ Origins And Ed Key’s Next Game (RPS)
“Proteus is a warm, soothing bubble bath for the soul. The lo-fi first-person explorer lets players loose on an island that’s one part rainbow dreamscape and another chirpy chiptune music maze. Basically, it’s what I imagine nature lovers believe the outdoors to be, even though every real-life forest, hill, and tree is actually made entirely out of spiders. And yet, for all of Proteus’ high-minded inventiveness, it certainly didn’t start out that way. Creator Ed Key had to learn some very important lessons about, er, not being Skyrim before his first independently developed game traded bullets for butterflies, and – despite Proteus pulling in a fair deal of money – he’s trying very hard to keep them in mind for his next game.”

Witness The Witness (Eurogamer)
“There are a couple of refreshing things about Braid designer Jonathan Blow’s presentation of his next game The Witness on Sony’s stand at E3. The first is that it’s happening at all. The second is that he’s showing us the actual game. Such is the illusory nature of the great annual video game circus, where even virtual worlds aren’t real.”

Here’s Your Chance, Do Your Dance at the Kerbal Space Program Jam (Kotaku)
“Kerbal Space Program is a space exploration sandbox game—think Minecraft in space. Most folks assemble spacecraft and try to launch them without killing their occupants. Others, as seen here, build orbiting basketball goals and go for extra-vehicular dunktivity.”

Phantasy Star Meets Suikoden? Sign Me Up. (Kotaku)
“The next indie role-playing game from a studio known for solid indie role-playing games is sci-fi, turn-based, and inspired by some of the all time greats.”

Interview: The Enclave (Independent Gaming)
“I stumbled across a neat little Kickstarter game while exploring that site. The Enclave is a post-apocalyptic sim game where a huge amount of the gameplay focuses on using the GPS functionality of mobile devices. I was intrigued by the concept and so I contacted the creator, David Kidd.”

Alpha Gameplay Trailer: Routine (TIGSource)
“Routine is an upcoming first-person survival horror title set on an abandoned lunar research station. The game features some roguelike elements, such as permanent death and randomized hazards and key item locations. The game’s three-person development team has also emphasized that there will be no HUD or scoring systems so as to increase the immersion. They are hoping to provide support for the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift at release.”

Gunpoint review: Indie film noir espionage (Kotaku)
“Gunpoint is the perfect game at the perfect time. At the same moment the industry is heavily promoting console innovation with aurally destructive stage demos, this indie game from reporter Tom Francis and a ragtag crew of volunteers offers a simplistic and quiet respite: an outstanding puzzle game with sharp writing, beautiful music and clever mechanics. As freelance spy-type Richard Conway, players work to investigate a murder – in which he is inadvertently involved – using handy spy skills like long distance leaping and scaling walls.”