Indie Links Round-Up: Arachnophobia


There seems to be sort of a maritime theme going on with many of the games in today’s Indie Links. Sail the seas as a pirate, play a Caribbean-themed point-and-click adventure, engage in twentieth-century naval battles, or soar above the seas as an albatross…

Fantastic Caribbean Adventure The Journey Down Makes Sweet Music on iOS (Kotaku)
“Skygoblin’s lovingly handcrafted point-and-click adventure The Journey Down hasn’t been ported to the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. No, it just sort of wandered in, bobbing its head to some sexy jazzy reggae, and made itself right at home.”

Top 10 Xbox Live Arcade Games of 2012 (IndieGames)
“Between Xbox Live Arcade and the Xbox Live Indie Games service, Xbox 360 owners have no shortage of great indie games to choose from. While XBLIG represents an untamed frontier largely suited for experimentation, Xbox Live Arcade is a haven for polished, focused efforts from some of the industry’s most talented creators.”

Aargh Me Hearties, Seafarer Looks Great! (Independent Gaming)
“Arrgh, matey, do ye like sandbox procedurally-generated games? Avast, do ye like pirates and 2D pixel-art sidescrollers? Well, the Unity Engine-made Seafarer seems like a game to watch. You choose one of three characters (kind of like classes) each with his own weaknesses and strengths. The pirate is an expert swordsman, for example, but the captain is an awesome swimmer that comes with his own crewmember to start with. Of course I chose pirate for the demo (which is playable on the site through Unity, try it out, although it is a bit rough around the edges).”

Indie Pleas: Indie Game Crowd Funding Roundup for December 21, 2012 (indiePub)
“This week’s Indie Pleas include: Aero, a game where you learn learn about the aerodynamics of flight by flying like a bird; Galactic Keep: Dice Battles, a sci-fi tabletop RPG game where you roll a die to explore maps and battle enemies; Predestination, a strategy game that takes place in space; RunicRampage, an arcade style game set in a fantasy world where you have to hack and slay your way through; and SeaCraft, a naval shooter game.”

Bit.Trip, Johann Sebastian Joust Devs Chat Sifteo Cubes With Free SDK (IndieGames)
“Notable indie developers Chris Osborn of TRΛCER (former Bit.Trip programmer) and Douglas Wilson of Die Gute Fabrik (creator of Johann Sebastian Joust) are working on creating the perfect blend of digital and physical gaming for the new Sifteo Cubes system.”

Game Jam Joy: Krunch‘s Long Road to Release (Gamasutra)
Krunch is one of those indie games that seems to be perpetually in development. The game began as a prototype during 2010’s Mini Ludum Dare 21 jam, and has evolved constantly since then, with music from Fez‘s Disasterpeace and sound effects contributed by Jordan Fehr of Super Meat Boy and Hotline Miami fame.”

8BitsRetroZSurvivals (Indie Gamer Chick)
“Yea, that really is the name of the game.  I thought maybe some spaces were missing and that’s just how the game had to be listed on the marketplace due to length issues, but no.  8BitsRetroZSurvivals is the title.  Not that it matters.  The game could have been called Captain Bunghole’s Anal Cavity Shave Simulator and I wouldn’t give a shit as long as the game was good.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case here.”

Live Free, Play Hard: The Week’s Finest Free Indie Games (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“The theme is You Are The Villain. Some people went cartoonishly evil, others explored themes of real world oppression. The sheer volume is overwhelming. 1326 games total. So don’t even think this is a complete list, this is just what caught our flawed, highly subjective eye and we’ll be posting unearthed gems a while longer. Take a dip for yourself if you’re inclined.”