Indie Links: In The Jaws

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Today’s Indie Links are action packed, with a number of action games, the ability for characters on screen to mimic your actions, and a reviewer’s reaction to a game’s scoring inconsistencies.

Wot I Think: Natural Selection 2 (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Natural Selection 2, as we have already discussed at length, is an awesome accomplishment of community, and of unwavering vision. The small team of developers behind it had a keen idea of what they wanted to achieve: to create a full-blown commercial version of their original RTS/FPS hybrid mod, Natural Selection, and for it to do everything that the best team-based shooters are capable of. And then they did it. With some help from their friends. For a while there it looked like they might have bitten off a steel-bulwark sized parcel of Too Much. But they’ve unveiled the game to some small fanfare, and the results are quite impressive.”

McDROID (PixelProspector)
McDROID is an upcoming action strategy game with an interesting graphical style that is described by the developers as “a fast-paced hybrid of third person shooter, tower defence and bullet hell with an undercurrent of wacky, surreal humour in a colourful world.””

Kickstarter Katchup – 22nd November 2012 (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“We are approaching the singularity. First there were bundles and then there was Kickstarter. That’s pretty much how I’ll remember the last couple of years. Exciting sci-fi god game Maia has done the unthinkable and combined the two. That’s an update worth checking out. Currently performing victory dances in the endzone are Hero-U and Shadowgate, while two promising RPGs fall short – one promises to return soon, perhaps too soon, while the other may be gone for good. And if all that isn’t enough for you, there’s also a one-man space game that’s quite a bit cheaper than Elite: Dangerous, an egg and Peter Molyneux. Let’s take a look.”

Null Battles (Indie Gamer Chick)
“Thankfully, real life sports statistics tend to be fairly accurate, unlike the post-game stats that Null Battles spits out.  Talking about the type of game it is (arena shooter), how it plays (kind of fun, kind of sloppy), and what makes it unique (strange gravity effects) is, quite frankly, irrelevant. I find that knowing who wins or loses arena shooters is a pretty big deal to most gamers.  I’m the type of person who meticulously studies my post-game stats when I play Halo or Gears of War or Call of Duty.   If those games reported different scores and stats to each player, who would want to play them?  I wouldn’t.”

Bringing LA Closer To Home With LA Game Space (Hookshot Inc.)
“Hookshot Inc. has a close affinity to Los Angeles. It was here that Simon danced the robot a few meters from Kanye West and his taser-wielding bodyguard. It was also here that Keith drunkenly lunged at Teri Hatcher while blurting ‘lovely to meet you Miss Thatcher,’ like a sozzled, groping old Tory. Oh yeah, and Christian’s entire family comes from there, where they mainly shoot criminals in the ass.”

Super Hexagon Review  Terry Cavanagh Is About To Make You His Bitch (Independent Gaming)
Super Hexagon is pure GAME. It’s like the platonic ideal of a videogame, and perhaps by the perfection of its gameplay we can measure the imperfection of any other game’s mechanics.”

Garry’s Mod To Receive Connect Support “This Week Or Next” (Indie N)
“More hot virtual reality news, this time from the simmering brain-pot of one Garry Newman, who’s busily updating Garry’s Mod to support Microsoft’s magic motion-tracking Kinect hardware. What that means is: you’ll soon be able to plug a Kinect into your PC, allowing you to control ragdolls using nothing but your own flailing limbs and body. You kick, Judith Mossman kicks in real-time. You do the mashed potato, Alyx Vance does the mashed potato in real-time. You can even push and touch and manipulate objects in the world using your slightly creepy motion-controlled avatar. Garry’s given us a video of the Kinect-enabled Garry’s Mod in action. It arrives either this week or next.”

Little Inferno: The Kotaku Review (Kotaku)
“One of my favorite games on Nintendo’s new console is an interactive fireplace. It’s an emotional, interactive fireplace. And it’s the first console game I’ve played through without ever turning on the TV.”