Indie Intros: ‘Palidin: The Ghalidir Chronicles’

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As the video game industry continues to develop, the technology used to produce video games develops along with it. With each new year that passes, graphics, sound quality and gameplay all evolve and, while this may seem like an entirely good thing, it does mean that text-based games are becoming increasingly rare.

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Palidin: The Ghalidir Chronicles is a brand-new text adventure by Papalati Games in the same vein as classic Choose Your Own Adventure books. The Ghalidir Chronicles follows the story of the titular great knight Ghalidir as he returns to his home in the Kingdom of Carsanthia after many years of fierce war. After a long and treacherous journey, Ghalidir is finally nearing the end his road, only one hard day’s travel away from Carsanthia. Unfortunately, the hardest part is yet to come. On the final day of his journey, you must guide Ghalidir through the Forest of Elders, the Dark Woods and the Great Plains of Mootana and faces down all manner of fearsome foes, from Ice Trolls and Bandits, to ghosts and Goblins.

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As with all good Choose Your Own Adventure games, Palidin: The Ghalidir Chronicles features a lovingly hand-crafted story with plenty of twists and turns and unique characters to discover. Unlike traditional adventure games, however, it also incorporates a commerce system, dynamic XP, powerful custom weapons and incredibly valuable magic cards that can help you on your way.

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You can get your hands on Palidin: The Ghalidir Chronicles right now if you own a Windows Phone (though there is a version for iPhone currently in development.) To pick it up for only $0.99, just head over to the App Store.If you’re unfortunate enough to have to wait for the iPhone version, you can keep up to date by heading over to the Papalati Games website, Twitter and Facebook pages.