Indie Intros: ‘Mansion Run’

Mansion Run Screenshot

Whenever you stumble across an old, dilapidated mansion in a creepy forest, or inherit one from your rich, eccentric Uncle who like you better than anyone else in the family, there is one thing you can be absolutely certain of: it’s haunted.

Mansion Run Screenshot 2

Bones Wellington is a civilized skeleton who wants nothing more than to relax in front of his roaring fireplace with a glass of merlot. Unfortunately, this is a rather difficult task to accomplish while you’re on the run from a trio of spectral scoundrels intent on ruining your day.


In Mansion Run (as created by Underground Pixel), you control Bones as he dashes through his humble home in an attempt to outrun the terrifying trio. Rather than the standard ‘jump the gap’ style of gameplay common in many endless runner games, you must instead hop between the three floors of the Bones’ mansion, dodging between clusters of possessed furniture while gathering up as many of your precious bones as possible.

In addition to being able to purchase power-ups with the bones you’ve collected, Mansion Run also features achievements, online leaderboards, quick-time events, and even unlockable cameo characters from other popular mobile titles.

Mansion Run Screenshot 3

Mansion Run is scheduled for release for iOS on Thursday, May 30th for $0.99. Until then, you can head on over to the Underground Pixel website and Twitter page, and keep an eye out for our upcoming review.