Indie Intermission – ‘World Of War Words’ The Words Will Hurt

World Of War Words ss01

Welcome back to a new week and with it an all new Indie Intermission. Today’s game is World Of War Words that was created for the gm(48) hosted by Gamemaker on Reddit.

Created by DJusbi, Malkavian, and IsmoLaitela World Of War Words is a fun minimalistic shoot ’em’ up with some great  innovative ideas. The game uses typical ASCII characters to great this hybrid graphics style that is just great to look at and something a little different.

The use of ASCII adds a great deal to the game, and the way it has been done is both accessible and easy to look at helping to make this game great.

World Of War Words starts rather slow, but quickly start to ramp up its difficulty as you last longer. Luckily there is a whole host of weapons just asking to be used that augment your slaying in many interesting ways.

World Of War Words ss02

Average play time – 5 minutes

World Of War Words is a great deal of fun and shows some interesting use of ASCII interlaced with images that help to make the game stand-out whilst still being accessible by the modern day audience.

You can download World Of War Worlds via Reddit. If you want to view more of the winners head to the Reddit page here.

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