Indie Intermission – ‘Woods’ You Better Not Go Alone

Woods (2)

Today is the big one in the spooky calendar, the day ghosts and ghouls haunt the street asking for treats. Of course today is another horror inspired game that comes from the Asylum Jam which managed to spawn some rather great titles for the horror season.

Today’s spooky title is Woods from V-Lantern and considering it was created in just 48 hours the game is very impressive. in Woods you find yourself deep inside this cursed forest, the trees are coming to life and they are not all too happy with you (for one reason or another).

You must navigate this dark and eerie maze to find the mother tree to disband the forests curse. The idea and execution are both great as the forest has been created to feel very dark and sinister with the monsters literally coming out of the woodwork.

Although the game has long load times and for some reason on my computer it had a graphical glitch with the lantern’s shadow overall the game offers a fun and interesting experience.

Woods (1)

Average play time – 10 minutes

The sound and visuals in Woods are great and show a lot of potential, however currently the game feels like it lacks a little focus as you just roam around with no direction which can get rather frustrating and boring after awhile.

Be sure to check out Woods now for free via the Asylum Jam.

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