Indie Intermission – What To Do When Your Only Defence Is ‘Twigs’

Twigs ss02

Today I’ve looked through a few more Indie Speed Run games and found Twigs from Deli Interactive to be quite the interesting little game.

Twigs is a fun resource management game that forces you to try your hand at real time strategy, as you try to defend your beavers from oncoming predators by cutting down trees and building defences.

The game is rather well designed and offers some really fun gameplay as you must build up and defend your beavers. Although the idea is great I feel the game is rather limiting as you can only build up one type of defence which can only be upgraded once (or so it seemed).

The fact you can’t recruit more beavers also limits the scope of the game quite a lot and means due to the way the trees don’t seem to grow back it feels like the game has a breaking point.

Twigs ss03

Average play time – 20 minutes

Although I really like the idea, and sure it was made in a jam so the limitations can be accepted. I can’t help but feel with more time in development this game can be great.

If  Deli Interactive would add more variety in resources, workers and defence this could be a great mobile game.

You can download Twigs from the Indie Speed Run site. Be sure to give it a go as Twigs shows great potential and is a fun little distraction.

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