Indie Intermission – Traverse Life And Death, Love And Hate In ‘KAIPUU’


Today I look at a slightly older title but one that I have managed to miss until just recently. KAIPUU is a game by Virtanen and follows your platforming adventures through life and death, love and hate. The concept is an interesting one and follows a lot of strong metaphysical elements that do in fact add a great deal to the game making it a bit more interesting than most.

The graphic style is very minimalistic however this only adds to the overall gameplay elements and creates a very moody and deep story. With the ability to switch between love and hate dimensions the simplistic graphics also factor in nicely and don’t over complicate things, creating a game that evokes a lot of emotion.

As you progress through the game you gain power ups in a metroidvania style that allow you to traverse water and darkness with ease to unlock latter parts of the game and delve even deeper into the game’s story.


Average play time – less than one hour

KAIPUU has a strong narrative element that comes out greatly at the start of the game setting up for a wild unpredictable roller-coaster through this dark place. The gameplay is interesting and proves to be  a great deal of fun although the true value with KAIPUU I feel comes from the overall story side of the game over the gameplay elements.

KAIPUU is a very interesting and different platforming game that will have you transfixed for its duration. Be sure to give it a go and download it now.

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