Indie Intermission – ‘Toys’ Getting A New Perspective

Toys Splash

Whilst traversing the internet I managed to stumble across a very interesting game that plays entirely with perspective. Toys is a game by Chrisoffer Hedborg and was developed in just seven days as an experimental project on the theme of zero buttons.

Although a couple of years old now, we all know good games don’t date and this is very true here. Toys is a very simple game that is all about solving puzzles by rotating the camera around to align all the blocks into their correct location in this perspective shifting puzzler.

It’s a very interesting and different puzzle game that plays with blocks and forces you to align them in ways that do not always feel possible. The graphics style is minimalistic but this just adds to the surreal gameplay and is the perfect fit for the game to prevent clutter.

toys ss02

Average play time – 15 minutes

Toys is a great puzzler that is very different to the norm and will test your puzzle solving nous. With 12 different shapes to solve there is a fair deal of variety and as you play you begin to see the difficultly shift from the casual to the much more intense.

Play Toys on Chrisoffer Hedborg’s site now and start solving these mind bending puzzles.

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