Indie Intermission – ‘Toward The Light’ For When You Go Bump In The Night

Toward the light ss01

As more games begin to play with light we are starting to see some rather interesting new immersive atmospheres developed as a result. Toward The Light is a first person adventure game in which you are stuck in a cave and must find the way out, although you only have your trusty flare gun to help guide you in this pitch black environment.

Although Toward The Light is rather short the atmosphere it creates is great and manages to really pull you into this dark and treacherous environment. As you may already expect this cave is not quite as it seems and in the dark depths something unworldly may be lurking.

The use of light in Toward The Light is one of the major points in the game and the limit of just seven flares adds a great deal of uncertainty to the game forcing you to think before you blow a flare.

Toward the light ss02

Average play time – 5 minutes

Toward The Light is quite a simple model for a game, however it does work very well forcing you to choose between safety and your flares that does add another level to the game. As it stands the game is rather short and is more of a proof of concept model, however with extra time I have no doubt that 7dfps could make a full game out of this model.

You can download Toward The Light for free via the official 7dfps site.

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