Indie Intermission – ‘This Is Not Sparta’ A Spartan Holiday

This Is Not Sparta ss01

Today I take a look at the popular HTML5 game portal and in the wealth of great games on the site I managed to find a very fun, and great looking infinite runner called This Is Not Sparta. Created by Hey Cris, Paco, Martin McGil, and Lucia Castez This Is Not Sparta is a great looking game that is actually a great deal of fun.

One of the major selling points has to be the artwork as the game has been created in this very loving cartoony style that really adds a fantastic comedic tone to this otherwise bleak game about death and running.

Like any infinite runner This Is Not Sparta has you running along the screen in this lovingly created cartoon world that is just full of joy, well until you arrive of course. You play a Spartan soldier running through this strange world, a world filled with adorable bunny rabbits.

Sadly for you the bunnies seem very attached to you so you must slice your way through the hordes of hindering bunnies and try to get as far as you are able to before being overwhelmed by bunnies.

This Is Not Sparta ss02

Average play time – 5 minutes

This Is Not Sparta is a very cute and fun little time sink that can even be played on mobile browsers due to the magic of HTML 5. Be sure to give it a go on the site.

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