Indie Intermission – ‘Thirst’ An Exploration In Life And Death

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It’s interesting to see more and more games starting to delve deeper into the human psyche and really beginning to explore a more philosophical side. Just earlier this week I covered Don’t Kill The Cow which was a rather inward looking game about objectives in games, and if they really matter.

Today’s game although rather different in message is equally as inward looking as it explores life and death. Thirst is a game from the very talented developers from Moonloop and was originally created for the Indie Speed Run.

Thirst puts you in control of a child out for a day at the beach. Like any child he decides it would be a good idea to follow a treasure map to find all forms of pirate treasure across this mysterious beach, but after discovering some ages pirate gems he stumbles across a dead dog.

This sets the scene and then allows the player to impart part of their own personality into the game through the medium of multiple choice lists. The messages conveyed by Thirst really are very strong and compelling, they focus on life and death and what both really mean to us personally.

This philosophical take on gaming is only improved by the nice aesthetics in the game and the interesting music and sound effects that really set the scene perfectly throughout.

Thirst 2013-01-21 17-03-28-36

Average play time – 5 minutes

Thirst is a very engaging philosophical take on some of the big questions in life. It’s refreshing to see a game tackle such issues with ease and in such a poignant manner.

Be sure to play Thirst on Indie Speed Run.

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  • Lucky

    I can’t get through this game. I’m probably just an idiot and I doubt anyone will respond to this but… I can’t find any treasure after the bottle? Surely there must be something else that’s supposed to happen, but I just keep digging and finding nothing. Please, if anyone could offer assistence? The map just leads to the first treasure, it doesn’t tell me where any more is.