Indie Intermission – There Is Only Ever ‘Oneway’

oneway ss01

The game I have chosen for today is something very different and a little abstract, but who does not love the more abstract nature of gaming. Oneway was created by Azurenimbus for a Ludum Dare a few months back but later built upon on his site to create a much more complete version that we see now.

The whole concept of Oneway is to select the one organism able to finish that level and although this chore starts off in a very basic manner after a few levels you slowly get introduced to an ever more complex puzzles.

Although Oneway does have a very slow start the build up is interesting and allows you to get to grips with the basic mechanics of the game quite well. Once the game does get going however it becomes rather intense and forces split second choices that often lead to mistake after mistake.

oneway ss02

Average play time – 20 minutes

Oneway is unrelenting and ever evolving and it is these points that really make it sound out and allow it to create this unique gameplay. Once you get past the first few levels and really into the game you start to understand just what makes it such a great little game.

Be sure to play Oneway online now.

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