Indie Intermission – ‘The Villain’s Rules!’

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Anyone who has ever watched a horror film by now must be well aware of the rules that are required for being a villain, or more specifically a serial killer. Scream was one of the first films to outline the rules in plain English and last year’s Cabin In The Woods further perpetuated the rules of slasher films.

The Villain’s Rules! is essentially a game version of the aforementioned films. Created for Ludum Dare 25 by the highly talented duo of Alexandre Lautie and Zimra The Villain’s Rules! has you play as a maniacal overlord who must adhere to the rules of a villain whilst eliminating the archetypes who were unfortunate enough to wander into your evil lair.

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The game does prove to be rather difficult to get to grips with, however after playing around with the traps and items on a few different tries you begin to understand how to play the game. The gameplay is rather fantastic and offers a lot of fun as you try to separate these kids and pick them off one by one.

Although with only one level in the current build I do see a lot of scope for The Villain’s Rules! with the addition of many other levels and variants.

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Average play time – 20 minutes

The Villain’s Rules! is a great take on the horror genre and follows the now quite common self-aware nature of itself. The concept is quite simple but the gameplay can be quite challenging and is a great deal of fun from start to finish. My only hope is they developers decide to great a more complete version of the game later down the line.

The Villain’s Rules! can be played via the official Ludum Dare site here. If you like the game be sure to vote for it.

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