Indie Intermission – ‘Tempus Fugit’ A Carbon Neutral Horror

Tempus Fugit ss01

Tempus Fugit a popular Latin phrase which translates to “time flees” or more commonly corrupted to “time flies” is now also an interesting game created for the Asylum Jam over the weekend which is a jam all about horror games.

Created by Shrimpcave Tempus Fugit is a very interesting game in which you are constantly being hunted by a monster, however the monster is invisible.

You may think an invisible monster is a little unfair but luckily when you get close to it time slows down and you are also capable of throwing balls which are helpful in assessing where the monster is actually lurking.

The game doesn’t have a lot to it after the initial mechanic as you must move around this wind powered horror maze. Being a jam game you can forgive this and with such great artwork overall the game looks and plays very well.

Tempus Fugit ss02

Average play time – 12 minutes

Tempus Fugit has some nice ideas in it and the game plays out well, even if the scope is very narrow. The concept is nice and I think with some extra work the game could be made into a fully fledge game.

You can play Tempus Fugit on the jam’s website for free.

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