Indie Intermission – Take To The Neon Battlefield In ‘Clean’Em Up’

Clean'Em Up ss01

Today we look at the neon styled twin stick shooter from Amidos that goes by the name of Clean’Em Up. Clean’Em Up is a very fun and interesting twin stick shooter that has you cleaning out the hard drive of a computer riddled with viruses.

I have featured Amidos a few times on here due to his game developing skill and Clean’Em Up showcases just how far he has come lately in developing games to a whole new quality.

Clean’Em Up is a very well constructed game that offers a great deal of fun as you work as an antivirus program trying to remove all the viruses from the computer. Each level offers greater and greater difficulty and after you complete a level you get the option to upgrade your antivirus software to help you succeed on the more difficult levels.

The game is very well put together and everything works fine making for a well-rounded game with some interesting RPG elements that add to the interest of the game.

Clean'Em Up ss02

Average play time – Less than an hour

Clean’Em Up is a very well put together game that offers a great deal of fun and some great gameplay. Although the theme has been done time and time again the graphics style used really works well with the theme creating a great little game.

Be sure to give Clean’Em Up a go now.

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