Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: With Great Jams Comes More Great Games


This week has been a rather interesting one for games as we see the ending of several big jams and the start of One Game A Month we are reminded just how many awesome developers are out there now a days and just how many games they are creating. This week I’ve looked for some of the best games from some of the biggest jams and here is the run down.

As always the title links to my previous article where as the picture takes you to the games site.

Monday:  ‘Caesar’s Day Off’ Lions Are A Rulers Best Friend

Caesars day off ss02

 A game that not only looks great plays very well. Its a very simple concept that only requires two buttons but the humour and attention to detail here is what really sells it.

Tuesday: ‘The Unseen Evil’ Can You Be The Next Van Helsing?

An Unseen evil ss01

Created for GGJ2013 the idea of the game is to hunt down the vampire at the party. It’s somewhat of a pre-emptive Cluedo where you must use all manner of objects to try and force the vampire out into the open. Although I found the game very difficult it definatly has a great deal of potential.

Wednesday:  ‘Dawnseed’ New Dawning Of A New Leafy Era

Dawnseed SS02

 A fantastically well designed game that gives strong throw backs to the early Zelda titles. Although the story feels ropey at places the overall design and style is fantastic and is very hard to believe this was created for a game jam.

Thursday:  It’s Time To Make A ‘Connection’

connection ss02

For those (like me) who love all things abstract you will defiantly fall in love with this fantastically designed action puzzler. It’s a very simple game with easy concepts but once your bring them all together you get something rather different and great.

Friday:  ‘Spin Cycle’ Spin Your Way To Victory

Spin Cycle ss01

If you are a fan of Super Meat Boy you are sure to love this little game, that although can be completed in under three minutes will take the average player at least an hour. I suck at these style games but do love them nonetheless and for a jam game this is superb.


As I have been covering the game jams quite a lot over these past weeks I am going to try and move away from them slightly for the next week. Of course I will dip back into them as there is many great games and of course the winner of Indie Speed Run should be announced soon so stay tuned for that.

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