Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: Top 5 LD26 Winners


With the winners getting announced the other week I thought it was only appropriate to cover the top five games over the week. The competition managed to bring about many excellent games and it is sad that in the end of the day some games will miss out, but with so many great games to pick from it is always the problem.

Nonetheless the competition has seen many great games come into existences, many with devilishly creative mechanics not often seen. As always clicking the title will take you to my original article whereas clicking the image will take you to the game, enjoy.

Monday: Number 5 ‘Rust’

Rust ss01

Rust is a very fun and well made game that brings back the old Wolfenstein 3D feel. You must go through the levels which are themed on primary colours in order to win the game and although the mechanics are quite basic don’t expect an easy game. Rust is a true nostalgia trip for anyone who played Wolfenstien 3D or even the original Doom.

Tuesday: Number 4 ‘Undercolor Agents’

Undercolor Agents ss011

Undercolor Agents is a very interesting minimalistic arena based shooter that comes complete with a local co-op mode. In Undercolor Agents you must either alone or with friends destroy the Hue invasion and save the world from these colourful blobs. The game runs very well and offers a nice challenge as you try to take back the streets.

Wednesday: Number 3 ‘Minimalismism’

Minimalismism  ss02

Minimalismism is a very innovative little platformer which taken place entirely on one screen. The screen will shift after you reach the goal, producing an evermore complex platforming challenge.

The one screen gimmick is great idea and works fantastically well here, I would just like to see more challenging levels.

Thursday:  Number 2 ‘You Must Escape’

You Must Escape ss02

You Must Escape is a very chilling minimalistic puzzle horror game that completely sucks you in from the start.  You Must escape is a game about sound whether it is from you or the monsters everything works off sound in this dark place.

The echolocation idea that has been put in place in You Must Escape is great and makes from some very interesting visuals to this otherwise very dark game.

Friday: Number 1 ‘Leaf Me Alone’

Leaf Me Alone SS01

Although the overall winner was Mono (My Mono write up) it turns out I covered if little while back, so not wanting to repeat myself I thought It best to pick the best Jam game instead. Leaf Me Alone was this game and it was a very well deserved winner to the Ludum Dare 26 competition.

Leaf Me Alone is a great little Metroidvania style game that has you playing as this mischievous protagonist just looking for some peace and quiet. Leaf Me Alone has a lot of great ideas and plays out very well, along with being full of solid mechanics making for a very fun little game.


This concludes my main coverage of the Ludum Dare 26 competition. It has been a fantastic event (as always) bringing with it a host of great games in this distinct minimalistic style. It has been a pleasure to cover and my own regret is not being able to cover every game in the event.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for an all new Indie Intermission, this week moving away form the LD26 to try to cover more of the great games online from different sources.

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