Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: This Is Halloween


Well it has been one long crazy Halloween week I hope everyone has enjoyed their Halloween and had a great week so far. Today is the round-up of my Halloween pick for the year so without further ado, the game.

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Monday:  ‘Which’ A New Style Of Haunted House

Which (1)

Which is a rather short but very interesting horror game that has some interesting moral dilemmas and ending to match. The graphics style and audio work together to create a very eerie haunted house for you to walk around and all is not quite as it seems.

Tuesday: ‘Survaillant’ It Can Only Be Attributable To Human Error

Survaillant (2)

Survaillant is an interesting Sci-Fi inspired horror title from the Asylum Jam which ended just the other weekend. The game is suitably creepy with some interesting puzzles that you must try to solve before it is too late.

Wednesday: ‘Dark Run’ Trying To Escape The Inevitable

Dark Run ss02

Dark Run is a fun procedurally generated runner in which you must weave you way through this haunted mansion and avoid your ever impending doom. As you progress the game gets more and more intense and difficult as the wall speeds up meaning your mistakes will start to have dire consequences.

Thursday: ‘Woods’ You Better Not Go Alone

Woods (1)

Woods is a great looking and well thought up horror first person in which you must find you way through this labyrinth avoiding the living trees and destroy the mother tree. Although the game does need some filling out the idea is great and helps to great a fun experience.

Friday:  ‘Headless Zombie’ Where’s You Head At

Headless Zombie ss02

Headless Zombie is a fun, light-hearted puzzle platformer in which you must use your head to solve the puzzles. The game start slowly and allows time for you to become accustom to the mechanics before gradually ramping up the difficultly.


That about concludes the Halloween segment of Indie Intermission for another year. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the holiday and had a great week. I hope you’ve had fun with some if not all of the games I picked here and be sure to return tomorrow for an all new Indie Intermission.

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