Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: Speed Runs And Contemplation


This week I have spent most of my time looking over The Escapists Indie Speed Run game jam. It has proven to create quite a wealth of awesome indie games spanning a whole range of genres and styles. There has been so many great games it really has been imposable to look over even 1% of the great titles, however I have peppered the week with a few more thought provoking titles showing a whole other side to gaming. as always clicking the title will take you to my original article whilst clicking the image will take you to the game enjoy!

Monday: ’30 Days’ Lost In The Wilderness Will Change A Man

30 Days

A fun and creative adventure game. It works very much on what feels like a pseudo turn based system with the monsters slowly moving around as you expend time walk. Although there is still a fair bit more work to do here the overall concept is interesting and provides a great basis for an interesting adventure game.

Tuesday:  ‘Don’t Kill The Cow’ What Really Is A Win Condition

Don't Kill The Cow ss02

This game really takes an interesting standpoint on video game objectives. Its a very self-aware title that aims to explore the point of win conditions in video games and does so fantastically. A very deep and thought provoking title that will have you thinking much more about video games overall.

Wednesday: ‘AEIOU’ Not A Game About Vowels

AEIOU ss02

A fun little shooter/ action game in which you must continue upwards to escape this tomb. With some very crisp and unique graphics the game looks and plays awesome, and is well worth a go if you enjoy shooting massive wasps.

Thursday: ‘Thirst’ An Exploration In Life And Death

Thirst 2013-01-21 17-03-28-36

Not really much of a game but more of an exploration and thought provoking title. The gameplay elements are quite minimal but the visuals and narrative are quite shocking and inspire a lot of deep thought. This truly is a personal journey you take as a game and will differ greatly from person to person.

Friday: ‘Hard Hat Ninja’ Because Even Ninjas Need Day Jobs

UDK 2013-01-21 18-01-04-40

A light hearted end to the week with ninjas sneaking around a construction site. Its a novel idea and is a lot of fun, however the gameplay is rather limited and not without its flaws but considering this was a game jam entry and the graphics are stunning this can be forgiven.


This week has been an interesting one looking at some deeply thought provoking titles and some more untraditional games. The Indie Speed Run really has inspired a great deal of diversity and continues to provide many awesome game. Be sure to check out the other entries if you haven’t yet as there are many great titles in there. Have a great Sunday and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for a brand new game.

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