Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: Something old, something new…


Over the week I’ve looked across the internet trying to find some of the more elusive games, along with a few of the newer games, developed for the jams. Trying to break up the several weeks of jam games I largely failed and ended up covering many more from Indie Speed Run, but they are all great games so well worth a go.

As always clicking the title will take you to my article whereas clicking the image will take you to the game, enjoy.

Monday: ‘Bombball’ A New Multiplayer Game Heading To Ouya

Bombball SS01

A really nifty idea for a new head to head game marketed at the Ouya. Although the current demo build only allows single player vs a computer opponent the build shows great potential for a full Ouya release.

Tuesday: ‘Soledad’ A Deep, Thought Provoking Trip Through Distant memories

SoleDad ss03

A very dark and mysterious game that forces you through the life of Soledad. It’s dark and moody but conveys the subject matter gracefully and in a very poignant manner. Although more of an interactive story book then that of a traditional game it’s well worth getting through.

Wednesday: ‘Toys’ Getting A New Perspective

Toys Splash

A highly innovative game created a few years back that puts the puzzle genre into a whole new perspective. The whole idea is to align all the blocks to correctly align, as dictated by the patterns. The game starts in a very basic manner but quickly ramps up in difficulty as you progress through the game.

Thursday: It’s Time To Take Out The Trash In ‘The Garbage Collector’

The Garbage Collector

Taking the traditional 2D bullet hell into a whole other dimension this small innovative game really adds extra levels to hell. It’s a very interesting model and one I’ve never quite seen before that truly offers something new to the classic genre.

Friday: ‘Hamal’ A Frustratingly Fun Game About Miscommunication


If you didn’t hate Simon enough already wait until to play this little gem. Working on the concept of miscommunication you must try to figure out the puzzle, and working with ever more complex sequences unravel this conundrum.


 Although I didn’t manage to move too far away from jam games this week every game covered was well deserving of its place here, so who can complain really. Expect more great games in the coming week and enjoy your Sunday.

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