Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: Ludum Dare 27 Top 5


This week has been a rather special one as I have ran down the top five games from the latest Ludum Dare (27) . All the games have been great but these games where deemed the best of the best. The list goes from Monday (number 5) to Friday (number 1) enjoy.

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#5 Monday: ‘Friends Of Potato Lagoon’ The Feel Good Factor

Friends of potato lagoon ss02

Friends Of Potato Lagoon is a very cute arcade shooter in which you must defend this friendly bunch of vegetables from all manner of bad guys flying at you. It looks and sounds great but don’t let the cutesy graphics fool you this game gets very difficult.

#4 Tuesday: ‘Time Shifter’ Turning Back The Clock

Time Shifter ss02

Time Shifter utilizes the ability to rewind the time in each room up to 10 seconds. This makes for some interesting puzzles and some even more interesting solutions, very innovative and well worth checking out.

#3 Wednesday:  ‘Proletarian Ninja X’ Working Class Ninjas

Proletarian Ninja ss01

Proletarian Ninja X is a superb stealth action game in which you have just 10 seconds to execute your contract with pin point accuracy. The strict time limit makes for one hectic game that requires quick reflexes and lighting fast reasoning skills.

#2 Thursday: ‘Clockwork Cat’ A Well-Oiled Machine

Clockwork Cat ss02

Clockwork Cat has a brilliant graphical style that immediately entranced me and is much of the initial draw for the game. Although the game is rather short the ideas used are great and work very well helping create a very fun little puzzle game.

#1 Friday: ‘Probe Team’ Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Probe Team ss01

Probe Team seems to of had special attention paid to perfecting the retro aesthetic of  the game. The look of Probe Team is truly one that evokes a great deal of nostalgia, although the game is also pretty great. It’s a lot of fun and has some rather great ideas implemented making for one fun nostalgic game.


That about wraps up the Ludum dare 27, although over the coming weeks I will still be looking at some games from Ludum Dare I will largely be moving away. Searching the web for other great games a little further afield.

I hope you have enjoyed the top picks from Ludum Dare and I look forward to seeing you all back here at the same time tomorrow for an all new Indie Intermission.

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