Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: How Bees Really Work


With all of my Ludum Dare 25 coverage I thought it was appropriate to break it up, and this time tried not to spend too much time covering this week. This is partly because the judging ended at the start of the week and the winners have now been announced. Expect a LD25 special this coming week, looking at some of the best games in the contest.

I hope you have fun with the games below, there is quite an interesting selection and I hope something for everyone. As always clicking the image will take you to the game, where as clicking the title will take you to the previous article.

Monday: ‘Escuro’ A Dark Way To DieS

escuro ss03

A very interesting and abstract take on puzzle games. The whole idea is to turn all of the squares to black, without letting any of them “shine”, it’s a very creative new look at puzzlers and one that I have greatly enjoyed. Although it starts off very confusing with lack of any real direction you will quickly pick it up and love it.

Tuesday: ‘Skullface’ A New Hard As Nails Platformer To Scratch That Itch

Skullface ss02

If you have still not played Super Meat Boy (SMB) I would suggest it’s a game you must play, however if you have played SMB extensively already this one is just the game for you. Yes I will admit it, at first glance it looks just like a SMB clone, however once you get through the first few levels the differences start to become apparent. It’s a great addition to the ulta-hard platforming genre and well worth a go if you are an avid fan of platformers.

Wednesday: ”This Is How Bees Work’ Not Exactly, But A Highly Atmospheric Game Nonetheless

This Is How Bees Work v0-99 2013-01-07 21-28-18-67

This is one of those games that does not really fit into a traditional genre. More of an interactive experience then a game here you are given the power to create life from nothing, and with a swam of trusty bees you are able to create your own Garden Of Eden. A very relaxing and colourful game, this is the type of game you can just relax in and get away from it all, even if it’s only for several minutes.

Thursday: It’s Time To Take ‘The Power’ Back

The power SS01

A beautifully crafted metroidvania style of game in which you must explore this alien planet in the hopes of locating the power. The game has a strong graphics style from start to finish with a lot of fantastically designed areas. A pleasure to play and all fans of this genre should get a great deal of gameplay out of this awesome game.

Friday: ‘Breaking The Tower’ When A Tower Spoils An Idyllic View

Breaking the tower ss02

A very interesting mini-Settlers style game in which you are given a basic village on an island. You are expected to build up the village to slowly take over the island, with you end goal being to take down the monolithic “Tower”. It’s a very interesting take on strategy and one that although quite basic is not simplistic as you try to direct your peons in the direction of the tower. A very fun and taxing little strategy game, with very strong dynamics and a must for all strategy fans.


It has been an interesting week and with it a whole host of awesome online games. From the strange to the conventional this week has seen a whole range of genres and game styles to really appease all variants of gamer. I have enjoyed every one of the titles greatly and have no doubt there is still many new gems I have yet to discover.

This coming week I will be looking over the top rated Ludum Dare 25 games and finally (more or less) putting my coverage of that event to bed. I hope to see you all tomorrow for the beginning of the LD25 round-up.

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