Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: Historically Inaccurate


Welcome to the end of the week and with it the run down of indie games I’ve been playing over its course. The week has seen some very interesting games in a wide selection of genres and many with some great ideas. So sit back and relax on this slow Sunday and get your game on.

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Monday: ‘World Of War Words’ The Words Will Hurt

World Of War Words ss01

World Of War Words is a great ASCII and pixel art game which manages to combine the older and much less accessible graphical substitute with a much more modernly accessible looking game. The game is a great deal of fun from the get go and although quite short in its gameplay it plays well and offers a fun arcade adventure.

Tuesday: ‘Accelerator’ Dodging With Cat Like Reflexes

Accelerator ss01

Accelerator offers dizzying speeds and mind bending shapes all trying to throw you off course and see you dead. Although the initial speed starts at a more leisurely pace it doesn’t take long for the game to get going as the course twists and turns through this arcade flyer.

Wednesday: ‘CLOP’ Who Needs Coordination Anyway?

Clops ss01

Although many people I’m sure would have played CLOP in the past the idea here is so simple yet so well executed it is worth while a mention. In CLOP you take control of a unicorn and must get it from the start to the finish. You control each one of its legs individually but getting this unicorn from A to B is anything but easy.

Thursday: ‘Cardinal Quest’ Going Deeper Underground

Cardinal Quest ss02

Cardinal Quest is a great streamlined roguelike game that throws you into this dungeon and forces you to navigate its trying floors. The auto-itemization is great as it allows you to just pick up and play to your heart’s content without having to spend hours on the pause screen, although this may not be to everyone’s taste.

Friday: ‘Prehistoric Shark’ The Shark Strikes Back

Prehistoric Shark ss02

Prehistoric Shark is a fun arcade score attack game in which you move through the lands killing as many dinosaurs and, well anything living as you can. From the graphics to the gameplay Prehistoric Shark is a well put together and well-rounded game that is a lot of fun from start to finish.


I hope you’ve had a great time playing some if not all of the games I’ve managed to find over the course of the week. Have a great Sunday and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for an all new Indie Intermission.

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