Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: From Mining To Myths


So ends yet another week in indie gaming, and what a great week it has been. This week I have found some great little games and promising up-and-coming titles that I feel everyone should play. This week has seen a whole variety of games from manufacture style games to horror we have them all so sit back, relax and get ready to play your way through the best of the internet this week.

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Monday: ‘Factorio’ Who Knew Setting Up A Factory Would Be This Fun


I love how these days seemingly mundane concepts are getting a new shell and being put into games. It really is kind of odd to think about but once you play it making factories on alien planets is great. It has many great ideas and you can of course see the inspiration from many other great titles but nonetheless Factorio is a must play for anyone looking for something just a little different.

Tuesday:  “Abby – Jurassic Dark” Sometimes Things Do Go Bump In The Night


Abby was created for a game jam so considering just how great the artwork looks I feel many of the flaws in the gameplay can be overlooked in this instance. The gameplay in Abby is a little simplistic however it offers some very nice ideas that I feel could be developed into something more fully featured in future titles. The look is what really sold me on Abby and I think it is one everyone will enjoy.

Wednesday:  “A Heart For Mr. Dimitri” A Cute Running Game With Hamsters

The Heart

Another game jam entry this time with a distinct focus on hamsters and bionic hearts. It’s odd, its quirky but it’s also a great load of fun. With fantastic pixel-art and some really interesting gameplay elements this game is not just about running and jumping. Really clever game with some really nice concepts.

Thursday: “Candles” For Things That Go Bump In The Night

Candles 2013-03-13 15-25-25-90

For all of you who enjoy scaring yourself I present Candles. It takes a great deal of influence from Amnesia by leaving you completely defenseless as you try to clear your house of devilish imps. Considering this is a free game the level of quality here is just fantastic and the gameplay is truly great, it really is one of the best horror games I have played.

Friday: “Chaotic” A Colourful Explosion Of Creativity

Chaotic ss02

A quirky new spin on the Super Hexagon theme that throws in bullet hell elements only adding to the difficulty and totally changing the gameplay. Chaotic is a great little title that has had some truly inspired creative design making for some fast and furious gameplay.


This week has (as always) shown some great free titles on the web. Ranging from horror to construction this week has proven to be rather diverse but that said each one of them is great in its own way. Hopefully these games will keep you busy over the course of the day and remember an all new Indie Intermission will be going up mid day tomorrow, so be sure to check back tomorrow for more free games.

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