Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: Death Defying Dungeons


Another week ends and with it comes yet a new round up of all the free games I’ve found over the course of the week. With the weather getting progressively colder, do you need any more reason to stay inside in the warmth and play video games? Sit back, relax and have a great video game Sunday.

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Monday: ‘Agent Eraser’ Stealth Action Circles

Agent Eraser ss02

Agent Eraser is a fun top down stealth action game that makes you put on your thinking cap. The clear sight ranges help plan your course of attack for each area, although the game is anything but easy.

Tuesday:  ‘Sinister Sid And The Snowball Sneaks’ Defend The Flakes

Sinister Sid and the Snowball Sneaks ss01

Sinister Sid And The Snowball Sneaks is a great little defence game that allows you to setup some basic defence before night closes in, bringing with it the sneaks. Although rather basic the idea is great and with some extra development this could be quite the fun defence game.

Wednesday: ‘Tiny Dangerous Dungeons’ Monochrome Madness

tiny dangerous dungeons ss03

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons has been developed in an authentic feeling Gameboy style which just oozes nostalgia. Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a metroidvania with some great branching paths and well designed areas making this a stand out game.

Friday:  ‘Super Catacombs’ Going Deeper Underground

Super Catacombs ss02

Super Catacombs is a great puzzle game in which you must navigate through all nine levels by solving each floors puzzle. The levels are well designed and require quite a lot of thought and trial and error as you try to plan your route accordingly, but nonetheless it is a very rewarding game.


I hope you’ve had a great time playing some if not all of the games I’ve managed to find over the course of the week. Have a great Sunday and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for an all newIndie Intermission.

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