Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: Beauty And The Beast


Welcome back to another round up of the best free indies that I’ve managed to unearth over the course of the week. Today sees quite a broad selection of different mechanics many of which are very unusual making for some great titles to while away some time on a lazy Sunday.

As always clicking the title will take you to my article whilst clicking the image will take you to the game, enjoy.

Monday:  ‘I Can’t Find My Glasses’ Blind As A Bat

I Can't Find My Glasses s01

I Can’t Find My Glasses is a frustrating exploration style game in which you seem to of misplaced your glasses and therefore process to destroy everything in your house in a blurred haze of destruction.

Although visually restricted the premise is great and once you find your glasses you get to admire just how much destruction you’ve managed in such a short time.

Wednesday: ‘Windosill’ A Train’s Adventure

Windosill ss01

Windosill is a beautifully put together little puzzle game that forces you to think out side of the box. Although after a room or two you quickly get into the flow and find the latter puzzles are not quite as demanding as you may have originally expect. Overall the art and game make for one fantastic puzzler.

Thursday: ‘Kyoto’ From Japan With Love

Kyoto ss03

Kyoto, named after the city is a game about growing this tree using music and light. Kyoto is kind of puzzle game in which you must interact with objects and the environment in general to try to progress. It’s a beautiful game which is deeply relaxing and a joy to play.

Friday:  ‘Thanks For Playing’ Flip Reverse It

Thanks for playing ss03

Thanks For Playing uses a fun dynamic of playing through the level in reverse forcing you to mimic a play through which you have not seen as you walk from right to left the level undoes its progress and you start to get a little more understanding as to what this game is.

Using a novel and fun mechanic this makes this otherwise conventional platformer into an interesting puzzle as you try to reduce your score to zero.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection of games this week which have ranged quite dramatically and allow for some great gameplay throughout. As always come back tomorrow for an all new Indie Intermission.

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