Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: An Easter Round Up


Yet again we reach the weekend and with it being the Easter weekend no doubt people are intending to have some rather family orientated Sundays. However we all need a break from family and because of this the Sunday Round Up is here to try to alleviate some of your Easter woes.

As always clicking the title will take you to the original article whilst clicking the image will take you to the game and be sure to enjoy your Easter sunday.

Monday: Could It Be True ‘The Fastest RPG Ever’

The Fastest RPG Ever ss01

Long have people rolled their eyes at the length of RPGs. You can spent your whole weekend trying to even crack the first couple of levels in some and because of this, this satire is just fantastic. This is actually an RPG that will take no time at all and coming from a somewhat RPG background it really is a whole lot of fun, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Tuesday: ‘Murder Dog IV: Trial Of The Murder Dog’ It’s A Dogs Life

Murder Dog ss02

This one is something quite a bit different to the usual, although you may be able to draw some comparisons to Phoenix Wright. In Murder Dog you must convince the jury that you are in fact nothing more than a harmless dog, however your past convictions stack against you greatly making this trial quite taxing.

Wednesday:  ‘Pulse’ Doing The Daredevil Thing

Pulse ss02

I do really love new and creative ideas and developing a game that relies on sound to obtain a visual representation of the world is really rather unique. In Pulse you play a blind protagonist who relies on a form of echolocation to explore the world and over come the puzzles. Although this is an early concept build, the game has been put together very well and offers a great deal of fantastic gameplay that you are not going to want to miss out on.

Thursday: ‘86856527’ Another Cyberpunked Adventure


A somewhat strange game 86856527 is another incarnation of a cyberpunk game in which you must obtain as many credits and energy  across the map as possible before completing the level. The game plays out in a very turn based manner allowing you to really take your time and analyse each level. Overall a very interesting and addicting game once you get past the initial wall.

Friday:  ‘Knightmare Tower’ Next Time We Take The Stairs

Knightmare Tower ss02

A very colourful and creative simple game that no doubt has taken some inspiration from some mobile games. In Knightmare Tower you must jump on monsters heads to keep yourselves moving up the tower to rescue the princesses. Although the key concept is rather straight forward there is plenty of upgrades and RPG-like upgrades that really extend the life on the game.


This now completes the Sunday round-up on this Easter weekend. I hope you have had a lot of fun playing some if not all of the games above and be sure to come back midday tomorrow for an all new Indie Intermission, until then have a great Easter.

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