Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up: A Ruff Week


Over the past week I have looked at some of the Global Game Jam 2013 games along with a few others from across the internet. Of course the Global Game Jam 2013 has produced a great deal of awesome titles but with so many jams running over the month of January it has proven difficult to cover every title. Hopefully this weeks cross-section brings out some great games people may have missed, so sit back and play some video games!

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Monday: ‘An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge’ Not Your Typical Game

AOAOCB 2013-01-28 15-55-14-50

Another very thought-provoking game from the guys over at Seemingly Pointless. Although very different from the one I covered last week this is short and sweet but equally as interesting.

Tuesday:  ‘Surgeon Simulator 2013’ We’ll Make A Surgeon Out Of You Yet

Surgeon Simulator 2013

Ever wanted to try your hand at surgery? Who hasn’t really, well now you can thanks to the great guys at Bossa who created this great satirical game for the GGJ2013. It’s a great deal of fun and highly frustrating as you fumble about helplessly for the implements.

Wednesday:  ‘Cosmology’ A Frantic And Fun Minimalistic Arcade Game

Cosmology ss01

A very minimalistic arcade experience that is fast and furious from the start. The concept is simple, all you have to do it avoid the squares but as you may expect the execution is significantly more difficult to achieve. I love the basic nature of the game it’s great and offers a lot of fun for its duration.

Thursday: It’s A Dogs Life ‘Wolfy: A Love Story’ Life In The Wild Can Be Ruff


Another game picked from the GGJ2013 and one about dogs. It’s an interesting game that has some really nice style choices throughout. Although the gameplay needs more fleshing out the basic concepts show a very interesting game that really is rather different.

Friday: ‘Simple Love’ Jump For My Love

Simple love Jump for my love

Full of interesting ideas Simple Love is a nice minimalistic game which was also designed for the GGJ2013. It has some nice ideas and I am quite a fan of the heart beating louder as you head in the right direction. However the maze is very simple and does not really benefit from this. Full of interesting concepts and rather fun to play it’s well worth your time.


And so concludes yet another week in gaming. Expect more game jam games next week as I try to give a few more developers a little bit more exposure. I hope you have enjoyed this weeks selection and I will catch you all tomorrow for a new Indie Intermission.

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