Indie Intermission Sunday Round Up – A Mostly Retro Week


Welcome to the weekly roundup of free indie games, this week I’ve found quite a few awesome retro inspired titles to have fun with. The games this week have ranged from zombie shooters to side scrolling shooters and pretty much everything in between.

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Monday: ‘Atomic’ A Minimalistic Fast Paced Arcade Game

Atomic ss02

Atomic is an interesting arcade game that has taken a great deal of influence from Super Hexagon along with bullet hell games. Atomic combines the two very different styles of games together to create this fast paced arcade title that is a great little time waster.

Tuesday: ‘Zombie Grinder’ A Lovingly Created Zombie Arcade Shooter

Zombie Grinder ss02

Zombie Grinder  is a great little multiplayer zombie shoot em up in which  you must battle through the unrelenting hordes of the undead to try and reach new high scores and unlock new items. Although still in the beta stages Zombie Grinder already offers a great deal with a great selection of maps and modes to keep you busy for several hours.

Wednesday: ‘Maldita Castilla’ A Supernatural Sidescroller


This one is for all of you who played the classic side scrollers back in the 80-90s as Maldita Castilla aims to bring back what made this decade of gaming great. Along with awesome visuals expect compelling gameplay that really does throw back to the golden age of gaming.

Thursday: ‘Bat Country’ Giant Mutant Bats Can Put A Damper On Your Day

Bat Country ss03

Who would’ve thought that a helicopter could get taken down by a swarm of giant bats? Although this may sound implausible it does end in some rather interesting results. Bat Country is all about the old style arcade flight games with strange stories and a distinct pixel art style that although  rather simplistic is also elegant.

Friday:  ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’ A Beautifully Recreated Spectrum Game

Endless Forms Most Beautiful ss02

Endless Forms Most Beautiful is a PC port of the original Spectrum game and  thus feeds into the retro vibe of the week. Each level consists of just one screen in which you must pick up all of the mushrooms before the enemy get you. Although the idea is simple actually obtaining  all of the mushrooms can be very challenging especially on the later levels when ranged enemies get introduced.


This brings us to the end of another week in indie gaming. I hope you have all enjoyed the games that I have selected this week. Please come back tomorrow for an all new game and the start of a new week of Indie Intermission.

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