Indie Intermission – ‘Stator Chronicle’ Lost In Space

Stator Chronicle ss01

Welcome back to another week and with it I bring you even more awesome free little indies. Today’s game is from Sergey Mohov and is a fun little exploring game that goes by the name Stator Chronicles.

Stator Chronicle is a simple exploration game in which you are tasked to bring back as many rotors as you possibly can to unlock the story behind this desolate wasteland.

Stator Chronicle has a lot of really nice ideas such as the theme and the way the story is unlocked, they both feed into one another very well and actually create a sombre and interesting atmosphere.

Some of the ideas remind me of Wall-E iincluding the sprite design which is great in many ways. The random generation is great and helps keep things fresh and the overall art direction is minimalistic but it works very well given the setting making for a very futuristic feeling game.

The change in screen hue as you either get closer to or further away from freezing is a great addition and provides an obvious but not too in your face warning indicator which is a great addition.

Stator Chronicle ss02

Average play time – 20 minutes

I’ve seen numerous entries from Sergey over the various competitions, each time he seems to be improving his skills greatly. Stator Chronicle is a true testament to just how far he has come in such a short time period and I greatly look forward to seeing his next project.

You can play Stator Chronicle online now. If you would like to help Sergey be sure to head over to the Ludum Dare page and vote.

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