Indie Intermission – ‘Spin Cycle’ Spin Your Way To Victory

Spin Cycle ss01

If like me you have had quite a lot of fun with super hard platformers such as Super Meat Boy and maybe unlike me are actually good at them then today’s pick is just for you.

Taken from The Escapist’s Indie Speed Run jam Spin Cycle is a great platform game created by The Brave Companions and has rightfully be placed in to the final ten as a People’s Choice selection.

Spin Cycle is a beautifully created platformer that will force you to spin and jump your way to the end, it’s a whole load of fun if not very difficult. Although the game may only last a couple of minutes (if you are competent). However it is much more likely you will rage quit in annoyance after only a few minutes, but it’s all fun and games.

Spin Cycle ss02

Average play time – 10 minutes

Spin Cycle has great graphics and solid gameplay, although the keyboard controls leave a lot to be desired the controller support is great and as they say at the start it is the way you are meant to play it.

If you love Super Meat Boy and other ulta-hard platformers be sure to check out Spin Cycle on the Indie Speed Run Site.

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